Friday, March 13, 2009

Survey finds Utah best place to live

Results of a survey conducted by Gallup finds that Utah is the place to be, due to its high demographic of youth, combined with lots of interesting things to do.

The survey featured more than 350,000 interviews, and consisted of up to 42 different questions.

The survey featured questions pertaining to mental, physical and economic health of Americans, to determine their level of well being.

Generally, wealthier states faired much better on the list than did states home to a lot of poverty and lower-income Americans.

Generally, western states scored higher marks than states in the rest of the country, with lowly Kentucky coming in last on the list.

"It's not just about physical health," said Eric Nielsen, a spokesman for Gallup. "It's about their ability to contribute at work and be more productive, and it's about feeling engaged in a community and wanting to improve that community."

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