Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dialogue, Spring 2009

Dialogue's new editor -- Kristine Haglund -- has published her debut issue, along with a new look.

Volume 42 No. 1 / Spring 2009
Kristine Haglund, editor

Becoming a "Messenger of Peace": Jacob Hamblin in Tooele
by Todd Compton, pg. 1

"Who's in Charge Here?" Utah Expedition Command Ambiguity
by William P. MacKinnon, pg. 30

Fighting over "Mormon": Media Coverage of the FLDS and LDS Churches
by Ryan T. Cragun and Michael Nielsen, pg. 105

Roundtable on Massacre at Mountain Meadows, pg. 105

    John Mack Faragher, pg. 107
    Philip L. Barlow, pg. 114
    Donald L. Fixico, pg. 127
    Richard E. Turley Jr., pg. 131

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