Thursday, September 06, 2012

"Encounters: Moments of Change" - Utah State History Conference

The 60th Annual Utah State History Conference
Encounters: Moments of Change 
September 20-23, 2012

Some of the sessions include:
Val Holley

Krewes, Cowboys, And Cultural Conundrums: Ogden's Mardi Gras of 1890

Encounters in Polygamy and Cooperative Societies  
Joseph Stuart, "Oliver B. Huntington: Eye of the Saints"
Charles Kingston, "The Davis County Cooperative Society"
Occupational and Military Medicine in Utah 
Eric Swedin, "Paul S. Richards and the History of Occupational Medicine in Utah"
Andrea Carter, "Bushnell General Military Hospital in Brigham City, Utah" 
Roundtable: History of Election Polling in UtahQuin Monson
Dan E. Jones
Radicalism in Utah: A Conversation 
John McCormick and John Sillito, authors of A History of Utah Radicalism
Encounters through Politics and Art 
Russell Fjeldsted, "Alma, The Painter: The Story of a Famous Utah Artist"
Kelly R. Jones, "Women in lPolitics: Domestic Authority and Patriotism in the Service Star Legion"
Encountering The Avenues  
Cevan LeSieur, "The Avenues of Salt Lake City: A Revised Look"
Encountering Stories of Individuals: Floyd L. Rose and Frank Beckwith  
David Hales, "Another Tragic Day in the History of Millard County:   The   October 2, 1922 Murder of Deputy Sheriff Floyd L. Rose"
Roger Layton, "Discovering Frank Beckwith: Witness of Change from Pioneers to Airplanes"
Protest Encounters 
Debra Elaine Jenson, "Dinosaur National Monument and the Proposed Echo Park Dam"
Polly Stewart, "Police Chief Cleon Skousen and Salt Lake City Folksingers"
Varying Interpretations and Experiences  
Robert McPherson, "A Second Look: Native American Oral History and the Anasazi"
Brent Herridge, "A New Look: Sally Young"
Interpreting History through the Arts
Clive Romney and Friends
The Danes in Utah 
Kirk Henrichsen, "The Influence of the First Danish Immigrant Potter on Pioneer Utah Society"
Lynn Henrichsen, " 'Lucky was the town that had a Danish potter!'  E.C. Henrichsen and the Provo Pottery Company"
Esther Truitt Henrichsen, "Pot Plants: Danish Gardening in Pots"
Cross-Cultural Encounters
Hadyn Call, "Mormons and Muslims: An Ongoing Encounter"
Robert Voyles, "The Utah National Guard Partnership with Morocco"

Encounters: Utah and the Civil War, Session 1 
Mary Jane Woodger, "Abraham Lincoln and the Mormons"
Scott C. Esplin, "Have We Not Had a Prophet among Us?: Joseph Smith's War Prophecy"  
William G. Hartley, "Latter-day Saint Emigration during the Civil War"  
Military Reunions 
Ardis Parshall, "The 1909 Grand Army of the Republic Reunion in Utah"
Ken Nelson, "Utah Veterans' Participation in the 1913 Gettysburg Reunion"  

Encounters: Utah and the Civil War, Session II 
Ephriam D. Dickson III, "Protecting the Home Front: The Utah Territorial Militia During the Civil War"
Andrew C. Skinner, "Civil War's Aftermath: Reconstruction, Abolition, and Polygamy" 
Kenneth L. Alford, "Mormons and the Grand Army of the Republic"
The Morrisite War  
Eric P. Rogers
Roy Anderson
Richard Sadler
The Shoshone and the Tragedy at Bear River  
Scott Christensen, "Sagwitch"
Justina Parsons-Bernstein,"Where Time Stopped and Began Again: The Massacre at Boa Ogoi as a Marker in Northwestern Shoshone Narrative"
Patty Timbimboo-Madsen, "Shoshone Bear River Oral Tradition"
The Chinese in Utah
John Eldredge, "The Role of the Chinese in Construction of the Transcontinental Railroad"
Gary Kimball, "Life Under China Bridge"
Walter Jones, "Chinese Residents Beyond Plum Alley"