Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Altering photos

Photos of Jesus added
to the General Relief Society Meeting
announcement at LDS.org.
See here or here
Excerpts of Editing photos to add cap sleeves is a bad idea by  Cynthia L., By Common Consent lds.org or the Ensign
I went through a few drafts of this post trying to come up with an "angle," or some cute pun in the title, or some way to whip it into an uproarious satire. But it's all rubbish. Some things just have to be faced head-on, and stated plainly. So let me state this plainly:

Digitally adding cap sleeves to angels in 150-year-old devotional religious paintings is a bad idea (see here and here), 

Alternate Photo
See here
... and digitally altering photographs of a young girl in Primary class to add cap sleeves is a bad idea. (links: original and altered)

I may be shouting into the wind, I may be tilting at windmills, But if nothing else I am an optimist, so I cling to the hope that this message reaches somebody who can make it stop: Stop.  ...

Keywords; Photoshop, photoshopped, modified photos or image, African American Women