Thursday, October 06, 2011

Evidence for the Divine Authenticity of the Book of Abraham

Excerpts of the October 2011 FAIR Journal
FAIR has produced a new DVD on the Book of Abraham titled: "A Most Remarkable Book: Evidence for the Divine Authenticity of the Book of Abraham"

The Book of Abraham has been a source of inspiration and edification for its readers for many generations.  However, critics of the LDS Church have relentlessly attacked the authenticity of the Book of Abraham and the credibility of Joseph Smith as an inspired prophet and translator.

This video covers such topics as the history of the book of Abraham, papyrus, facsimiles, evidences in behalf of the book of Abraham, Council of gods, Egyptian endowment, and apologetic issues.  It discusses insights and evidences for the book of Abraham.

This video addresses some of these criticisms and puts forth evidence for the divine authenticity of this most remarkable book.  It contains the expertise of John Gee, Kerry Muhlestein, Michael Rhodes, Jared Ludlow, Kevin Barney, David Bokovoy, and Michael Ash.  It is written and directed by Tyler Livingston and edited by J.D.  Julander.  70 minute video, 30 minute bonus features, 2011.


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