Thursday, October 20, 2011

Attraction Research Foundation Conference (church sponsored conference on homosexuality)

A Conference "Foundation for Attraction Research Conference," co-sponsored by AMCAP and LDS Family Services, and will be held Saturday, October 22, 2011 at the LDS church owned Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Attendees will receive a copy of the book, Understanding Same-Sex Attraction, authored by some of the presenters.

A review of this book published in BYU Studies notes:

"Readers looking for a book that supports the idea of homosexuality being an innate part of one's identity will not be interested in Understanding Same-Sex Attraction: Where to Turn and How to Help. Instead, the authors of this book assert the unpopular opinion, backed by scientific research, that same-sex attraction can be lessened or eradicated in those who desire change and are willing to try.

Conference presentations will cover three perspectives: religious values, science, and the personal witnesses of those who have struggled with unwanted same-gender attractions.

Sessions & Presenters
  • Demystifying Same-Sex Attraction: What Science Can and Cannot Say - Dr. A. Dean Byrd, PhD, president, Thrasher Research Fund; clinical professor, University of Utah School of Medicine; president AMCAP
  • Practical Advice From a Therapist for Responding to Same-Sex Attraction Dr. Jeffrey Robinson, PhD, therapist in private practice
  • People Like Me Do Exist: Panel of People Successfully Dealing With Same-Sex Attraction Dan Gray, LCSW, moderator, clinical director, LifeSTAR Network
  • Differences in Same-sex Attraction as Experienced by Women vs. Men Dr. Shirley E. Cox, DSW, LCSW, professor of Clinical Social Work, Brigham Young University Using Correct Principles about the Atonement to Overcome Common Thinking Errors Doris R. Dant, MS, MA, associate teaching professor, Department of Linguistics and English Language, Brigham Young University
  • How to Find, Choose, and Use Professional Therapists Dr. S. Brent Scharman, PhD, assistant commissioner, LDS Family Services
  • Helping Adolescents and Teenagers Who Experience Same-Sex Attraction David Pruden, MS, executive director, Evergreen International
  • Making Sense of it All: Approaching Same-Sex Attraction from the Three Pillars of Wisdom-Religious Values, Science, and Personal Witnesses Dr. John P. Livingstone, EdD, associate professor, Department of  Church History and Doctrine, Brigham Young University