Friday, April 29, 2011

The Claremont Journal of Mormon Studies, Inaugural Issue

The Claremont Journal of Mormon Studies

Inaugural Issue now Available

Download (PDF) the digital version of the first issue of the Claremont Journal of Mormon Studies. This issue includes an editor introduction to the Journal, "Where Is the 'Mormon' in Mormon Studies?" by Loyd Ericson. Other articles include:
  • "The Inspired Fictionalization of the 1835 United Firm Revelations" by Christopher C. Smith
  • "The Great God, the Divine Mind, and the Ideal Absolute: Orson Pratt's Intelligent-Matter Theory and the Gods of Emerson and James" by Jordan Watkins
  • "Prolegomena to Any Future Study of Isaiah in the Book of Mormon" by Joseph M. Spencer

The Claremont Journal of Mormon Studies is a student-run online reviewed academic journal committed to the advancement of the field of Mormon studies and produced by the Claremont Mormon Studies Student Association in Claremont, California. Through high quality articles and reviews the journal explores Mormon studies through the work of qualified graduate students pursuing Mormon studies through a wide range of fields and disciplines. The journal particularly encourages students to submit Mormon studies-related papers completed during the course of class work in graduate school. The purpose of this journal is to establish a proficient and easily accessible forum for ongoing research in Mormon studies by qualified graduate students, exemplifying new research being done in various fields.

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