Thursday, April 14, 2011

Christian History

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a copy of Christian History Magazine in my mailbox this week.  I had previously subscribed, but was saddened when Christian History ceased publication as the Internet took its toll on many magazines and journals.  However, they are back in business, working on a donations only basis.

Their past publications have been informative, not too academic, with each issue focusing on a particular period, event or person in history.  For me it was the perfect way to acquaint myself with the rich history of Christianity.

Current Issue of Christian History

"With great pleasure we present the first issue of our Christian History magazine issue #100. This commemorative issue explores the fascinating story behind the making of the King James Bible on the 400th anniversary of that historic event...."
"As past readers of Christian History would expect, issue #100 is filled with engaging articles, lively images, and plenty of thought-provoking extras. "
Articles include:

  • How the King James Bible was born
  • Translation that Openeth the Window; Reflections on the History and Legacy of the King James Bible.
  • No Overnight Success
  • Old book in a new world
"Other contributions come from noted scholars Alister McGrath, Mark Noll, and Rober L. Omanson. You'll also find a quiz, information-packed sidebars, a timeline of events surrounding the KJV, and informative DVD reviews from David Neff —all enhanced with a glorious panoply of colorful images."
Check out Issue #100, The King James Bible. To order a copy in print, visit our store.

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