Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Common Ground: Science and Religion

From The Mormon Times: Emily W. Jensen : Bloggernacle Back Bench
Scientific faith: "Science is NOT an anti-God endeavor. It is not
'anti' anything but the absence of knowledge. Conversely, religion is
NOT an anti-science endeavor. Its protest is limited to being
anti-sin." So says S. Faux in outlining "Where Science and Religion
He explains that "both science and religion teach:
1. We are all brothers and sisters.
2. Honesty is a first principle of forward progress.
3. Our place in the universe is small.
4. There is always more to know.
5. We can obtain the good life." His main argument is "that science
and religion are NOT inherently at cross-purposes. Although one cannot
substitute for the other, they can (or could) be mutually supportive."
Check out his entire fascinating essay.

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