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Polygamy: What Love Is This?

Polygamy: What Love Is This? is the only broadcast television program dedicated to exploring the subject of polygamy from a biblical perspective. Since June of 2008, this call-in program has been broadcast live from Salt Lake City on KTMW TV-20 on Thursday nights at 8:00 PM. (The show is re-broadcast on Boise's KCLP TV-18 on Sunday nights at 5:00 PM). In addition, all episodes of the program are also available for online viewing from this website, and are also available as a free video Podcast through iTunes™. (Click here to subscribe to the Podcast!)

Polygamy: What Love Is This? is production of A Shield and Refuge Ministry a weekly talk show hosted by Doris Hanson, a former Mormon Fundamentalist.

Episodes from 2009:

Description Link
  2.01 08 Jan 09 Doris interviews a former polygamist husband.
  2.02 15 Jan 09 Doris interviews Sandra Tanner.
  2.03 22 Jan 09 Doris interviews former polygamist Mary Mackert & Christian wife Dorothy Catlin.
  2.04 29 Jan 09 Doris interviews Brian Mackert, author of the book, Illegitimate on the special needs of those exiting polygamy
  2.05 5 Feb 09 Doris addresses recent and new questions and comments from viewers
  2.06 12 Feb 09 Doris interviews Bill McKeever
  2.07 19 Feb 09 Doris addresses early Mormon polygamy myth #5, and answers viewer questions.
  2.08 26 Feb 09 Doris addresses another polygamy myth #6, and discusses David's polygamy--is it from God or man?
  2.09 5 Mar 09 Doris interviews guest Russ East concerning his family's polygamist heritage.
  2.10 12 Mar 09 Doris interviews Shawn McCraney, host of TV20's "Heart of the Matter" watch online
  2.11 19 Mar 09 Doris addresses polygamy myth #7, and discuss "faith without works".
  2.12 26 Mar 09 Doris interviews Kathy Jo Nicholson, formerly of the FLDS group.
  2.13 2 Apr 09 Doris "interviews" two of Joseph Smith's wives! (Part 1)
  2.14 9 Apr 09 Doris addresses viewer calls and emails.
  2.15 16 Apr 09 Doris "interviews" two more of Joseph Smith's wives! (Part 2)
  2.16 23 Apr 09 Doris interviews Susan Ray Schmidt, formerly of the notorious LeBaron group, about the powerful testimony of Rena Chenowyth, who had participated in this group's "blood atonement" killings.
  2.17 30 Apr 09 Doris "interviews" two more of Joseph Smith's wives! (Part 3)
  2.18 07 May 09 Polygamy Myths: Myth #9
  2.19 14 May 09 Doris interviews pastor Ross Anderson concerning the reliability of the Bible.
  2.20 21 May 09 Doris addresses polygamy myth #10; also, do we really "bash" Mormons?
  2.21 28 May 09 Myths of Polygamy, part 11; Doris adddresses viewer letters, emails, and calls; Polygamy in the Old Testament.
  2.22 04 June 09 Doris interviews pastor Ross Anderson on the reliability of the Bible (part 2)
  2.23 11 June 09 Anatomy of an escape: told by one assisting a successful rescue.
  2.24 18 June 09 Doris interviews Danielle Pimentel, a former polygamist
  2.25 25 June 09 Doris interviews Pastor Hartog about the religious culture of Utah
  2.26 02 July 09 Doris talks about polygamy in the news, and addresses viewer calls and emails.
  2.27 09 July 09 Doris interviews Kay Brown, on how the subject of polygamy contributed toward her exit from Mormonism.
  2.28 16 July 09 Doris interviews former polygamist Mary Mackert, about her ministry to those trapped in polygamy.
  2.29 23 July 09 Doris interviews Bill McKeever of Mormon Research Ministry, on "contending for the faith".
30 July 09 Interview with Joseph Smith's 2nd plural wife, Lucinda Pendleton (dramatization by Dorothy Catlin).
  2.31 06 Aug 09 Doris addresses polygamy myth #12; The United Order
  2.32 13 Aug 09 Doris reviews the LDS film, Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration together with guests Tracy and Quentin Ferguson
20 Aug 09 Doris interviews Bill McKeever, who continues his discussion on "contending for the faith."
  2.34 27 Aug 09 Doris interviews Beckie Whittaker, who explains the reasons behind her leaving the LDS Church.
  2.35 03 Sept 09 Doris interviews Kay Brown, who shares more of her story and testimony.
  2.36 10 Sept 09 Doris interviews Sandra Tanner, on the re-defined terminology that tends to confuse mainline and Fundamentalist Mormonism.
  2.37 17 Sept 09 Doris interviews Rauni Higley, to discuss the question of whether Joseph Smith believed the Book of Mormon.
  2.38 24 Sept 09 Doris discusses Polygamy Myth #13, as well as so-called "Christian" polygamy, and addresses viewer calls and questions.
  2.39 01 Oct 09 Doris interviews Susan Schmidt and Kathie Jo Nicholson (prerecorded episode).
  2.40 08 Oct 09 Doris dedicates this show to the memory of the late Charlie Kingston, whose moving testimony of leaving fundamentalism and finding freedom in Christ will be an encouragement!
  2.41 15 Oct 09 Doris discusses polygamy myth #14, and "Is Jesus the Christ?"
  2.42 22 Oct 09 Doris interviews childcare specialist Karen Holder on how abuses within the polygamist lifestyle affects children.
  2.43 29 Oct 09 Doris interviews Rauni Higley a second time, and examines the contradictions between the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine & Covenants.
  2.44 05 Nov 09 Doris interviews Kay Brown, who looks at the journals of early polygamists.

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