Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mormon Utah Rep submits anti-gay marriage bill for D.C.

Amendments submitted Monday to the House Rules Committee for the
fiscal year 2010 D.C. appropriations bill would interfere with D.C.'s
recognition of same-sex marriages performed elsewhere and overturn the
district's domestic partnership law.

Rep. Jason Chaffertz (R-Utah) submitted Amendment No. 16, which would
invalidate D.C.'s marriage law unless D.C. voters approve it in the
next general election.

"Notwithstanding any provision of the District of Columbia Home Rule
Act, any law enacted by the Council of the District of Columbia that
recognizes any definition of marriage other than a union between one
man and one woman shall be invalid unless approved by the electors of
the District of Columbia in the first general election that follows
the enactment of that law," says the proposed amendment.

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