Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fwd: EMSA - Its Roots, Growth and Beyond

The European Mormon Studies Association (EMSA) (http:// was founded in the Autumn of 2006 by
three doctoral students, Ronan James Head, David M. Morris and Kim B.
Östman whose common goal it was to raise the interest and profile of
European Mormon studies and the scholars who undertake such work. We
of course have not done this alone, but have been supported by a
growing number of scholars from throughout the world both Mormon and
non-Mormon, from varying discplines across the academic forum. Each of
which have assisted either by attendance, presenting papers,
financially, or email support. The range of topics themselves are as
diverse as those
who attend, whilst remaining engaging and academic.

Although we have grown considerably, we remain an independent
scholarly organisation who sponsors an annual conference, the first,
was in Worcester, England, (2007), last year was Turku, Finland (2008)
and this year of course is Turin, Italy. (We are in the process of
planning next years conference, but more will announced later through
this and other medium.) Also from  this has also risen the
International Journal of Mormon Studies, a scholarly journal that is
European based and acts in the capacity of publishing the proceedings
of many of the papers presented, with its open access site (http:// allows many more people to follow the work
of EMSA and each indivdual scholar.

By visiting either of the sites listed above, visitors can see the
respected attendees to the current and past conferences and their
work, and maybe gain an appreication of the collaborative effort.

If you wish to know more please feel free to contact us, our details
are on the EMSA website. Please feel free to suggest ideas for themes
for conferences, venues, or kindly sponsor us in more direct ways, we
appreciate the feedback. Finally, I am sure we would like to thank
Ronan James Head for coordinating this year's conference, and look
forward to seeing as many of you as possible next Thursday in Turin,

David M. Morris,

Co-Founders: Ronan James Head, David M. Morris & Kim B. Östman
European Mormon Studies Association. (EMSA)

David M. Morris.
Editor, International Journal of Mormon Studies
International Journal of Mormon Studies (Print) ISSN 1757-5532
International Journal of Mormon Studies (Online) ISSN 1757-5540

89 Victoria Park Road, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, ST6 6DX, United

+44 (0)7903 374685

"Great minds go to the library. Average minds go the movies. Small
minds go to the bar. But the smallest minds talk about their great
ideas while smoking pot." -- Eleanor Roosevelt

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