Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Radio Program: Comments on Sunstone Symposium

PROGRAM: Mormon Miscellaneous

HOST: Van Hale
DATE: Sunday, August 13
TIME: 5:00 - 7:00 pm MST

SUBJECT: I will discuss the Sunstone Symposium (Aug 9-12) including
several sessions I attended and the two in which I was a participant.
I presented a paper on Joseph Smith's strong endorsement of diversity
of belief among the Saints, and responded to a paper which
recommended, in detail, what would be the ideal English Bible
translation for use by the LDS Church.

I may comment on the following sessions I attended: Joseph Smith as a
poet; Panel discussion on Mormon theology; Opposing views on the
question, "Is Plural Marriage Required for Exaltation?"; Priesthood
Restoration by John the Baptist; What is the definitive biography of
Joseph Smith?; Truth-Telling and Mormonism

MORMONMISCELLANEOUS.COM: Also, I am working on my new website I am building an archive of my current
radio programs and adding selections from recordings of programs over
the past 26 years. Also, I am building a Notecard collection from the
thousands of notecards I have written while researching. I will
include a number of papers and articles I have wrtten over the years.

In addition I am building a Radio Program Blog which I will use as a
supplement for my program. I will address topics and questions raised
during my programs, supplying notes and references and answering

Further, I will include my program notes. I usually over prepare for
my programs and do not present all of the material.

RADIO STATION: KTKK 630 AM, Salt Lake City

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