Monday, August 07, 2006

Blake Ostler's Errors

DNA Critic No Expert

from the Signature Books Website

"In the most recent issue of Sunstone, a reader wrote that Blake Ostler, an "expert in logic," had put to rest the DNA and Book of Mormon question. Ostler himself, writing in Sunstone, left the impression that he must be an expert in Hebrew and the Old Testament, if not in genetics. His theory about the Book of Mormon is that the Lamanite "curse of a black skin" was the result of marrying Native Americans. Ostler tied this to what he said was the Old Testament "crime" and "abomination" of "interracial marriage." Unfortunately for Ostler, he has gone far astray with this reasoning, misrepresenting the content of his sources for the meaning of "abomination" in the Old Testament, making mistakes in Hebrew, and glossing over problems involving Israelite ethnology, chronological discrepancies, the actual skin complexion of Native Americans versus ancient Hebrews, and many other matters. Oh, and by the way, did we mention that he doesn't understand the DNA? For a response to Ostler, documenting his mistakes, click here:"

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