Monday, February 08, 2010

LDS Church Almanac Online

An online almanac. . .

Traditionally an "almanac" was an annual publication that contained
information devoted to a particular field or fields and was often
arranged according to the calendar. Astronomical data and various
statistics were also found in early almanacs, such as the times of the
rising and setting of the sun and moon, eclipses, hours of full tide,
stated festivals of churches, etc.

In the mid-1970s the LDS Church News first published a "Church
Almanac" that contained historical material relating to The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These early Church almanacs
contained biographical information for Church leaders, lists of Church
departments and other statistical information. The LDS Church News
continues to publish an annual almanac containing material of interest
to Church members.

In this "almanac" section of the Church News Web site, you will be
able to find historical and statistical material of interest to Church
members, material that comes from the annual Church Almanac (including
past almanacs), and other material of interest.


Valden Palmer said...

When did it become accepted for latter day saint woman to give sustaining vote for our church leaders?

Valden Palmer said...

When did it become acceptable for woman in the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints to sustain general authorities of the church?

Mormon Chronicles said...

I'm not aware that it was unacceptable in the past. Are you aware otherwise?