Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today in Church History 11/30

--1834 November 30
Having learned from the first No. of the Messenger and Advocate, that you were, not only about to "give a history of the rise and progress of the church of the Latter Day Saints;" but, that said "history would necessarily embrace my life and character," I have been induced to give you the time and place of my birth; as I have learned that many of the opposers of those principles which I have held forth to the world, profess a personal acquaintance with me, though when in my presence, represent me to be another person in age, education, and stature, from what I am.

--1834 November 30
Joseph Smith to Oliver Cowdery, MA 1, no. 3 (Dec. 1834): 40. Also available at the Center Place website.

--1834 November 30
Most likely in response to the publication of Mormonism Unvailed.

--1834 November 30
While reflecting upon the goodness and mercy of the Lord, this evening, a prophecy was put into our hearts, that in a short time the Lord would arrange his providences in a merciful manner and send us assistance to deliver us from debt and bondage. Diary-1
Papers 2:35.

--about November 30, 1834
Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith and the brethren received a prophecy by revelation that the Lord would deliver them from their current financial troubles and debt.

--November 30, 1835
Kirtland, Ohio. In his journal, Joseph Smith referenced an extensive treatise that he wrote to the elders of the Church between September and December.

--1838 November 30
Joseph and his fellow prisoners are taken to Liberty jail. HC 3:215.

--about November 30, 1838
Liberty, Missouri. Joseph Smith and five other brethren were en route to Liberty Jail.

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