Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mormon Stars face backlash due to prop 8

Excerpts of an article by Guy Adams , Mormon stars face backlash after gay marriage ban

Gladys Knight and Donny Osmond under fire after church lobbies for California's 'despicable' new law

When Brandon Flowers leads the Killers on stage at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco next month, he may not get the ecstatic reception to which six years of rock superstardom have made him accustomed.

It could be a similar story when Gladys Knight plays New Orleans in a fortnight, or Donny Osmond returns to the Flamingo in Las Vegas in January, or American Idol star David Archuleta does the rounds of Hollywood chat-shows to promote his debut album this week. Each singer is a committed member of the Mormons, or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Unfortunately, that's a spiritual calling that in the eyes of California's suddenly vociferous gay rights movement makes them public enemy number one.

"This Mormon church has just taken away one of our fundamental rights, and shown itself to be a nasty church with bigoted beliefs," said John London, a student from West Hollywood, at an equality protest last week. "So when Brandon Flowers, or David Archuleta or any of its other celebrity members show up in a gay neighbourhood, they should know how we feel."

On Thursday, 2,500 gay rights protesters marched to LA's largest Mormon temple, in Westwood, where they decried what chants and placards billed as "Mormon hate" and "Mormon scum" and promising "no more Mr Nice Gay". Campaigners plan to picket temples across the US and have launched a letter-writing campaign against Thomas Monson, president of the Mormon Church. Much anger will also be directed at the "Mormon economy", which helped to finance the Proposition 8 campaign. That could have serious implications for acts such as Osmond, Knight and the Killers, who boast a strong gay following. Many have recently tried to play down their church's anti-gay stance.

Flowers has said his religion is "very important" in his life, but told a recent interviewer that he took a liberal position on gay rights. Osmond opposes gay marriage, but claims on his website that this doesn't make him homophobic. "I do support our church leaders who say that we can accept those with gay tendencies in our church, as long as they do not act upon their temptations."

Jim Key, a spokesman for the LA Gay and Lesbian Centre which organised last week's protest, said he hoped followers would distinguish between Mormon businesses that did not donate to Proposition 8 and those that did. "Our complaint is not against all Mormons," he said. "Many moderate members of the church did not support Proposition 8. Our issue is with the church's leadership, which ran a despicable campaign to deny us fundamental rights."


libhom said...

The Mormon Church is literally a Nazi hate group. I will not spend money on Nazi celebrities.

Greg said...

Nazi hate group? Nazis exterminated homosexuals. The Mormon church teaches that acting on homosexual urges is a sin, just like every other ideological christian sect, but will do nothing more than disfellowship you in the church for doing so. Big difference. I respect that you and many have issues with the church's teachings. But using hateful, untrue rhetoric to smear the church makes you, ironically, the hate monger.

Anonymous said...

I agree - the mormon group is like a bunch of Nazi's. We have heard that Mormon Donny Osmond (child star of 70's) has been involved in dissing gays and goes on and on about no sex before marriage and being faithful within a marriage. Only last year he had 2 affairs with English fans and now has to perform in Vegas to hide his shame over in the uk. He's a hypocrit.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea The Killers were Mormon and don't respect homosexuality and are against gay marriage.

I, for one, will never promote or listen to anything they, or any Moron, er Mormon, puts forth.

What a pathetic religion. Joseph Smith and his magical underwear can go to hell. It's amazing what people can be made to believe by authority figures.