Monday, November 24, 2008

Bishops receive list of Prop 8 Donors

I've heard rumor that Bishops in California are receiving lists of those who donated to proposition 8. I haven't heard that they received any specific instructions about what to do with those lists.

If anyone has additional information, drop a note in the comments.


Tim Malone said...

It's the same list that anybody can find in multiple sources online - at the Secretary of State website, on the databases at Sacramento Bee, the SF Chronicle, or the LA Times.

There are also dozens of lists that No on 8 supporters have created on their own. If you look hard enough, you can get the complete list all the way down to the $25 level.

ClairB said...

Tim, Do you know that the list was sent to Bishops in CA? Or who sent the lists, or what the purpose is?


Tim Malone said...

It is from Bart Marcois, President of Eagle Foundation, someone associated with the coalition. You can find him on LinkedIn. Chino Blanco knows him well. I'm sure he will post it soon. He seems to be on everyone's email list.