Sunday, November 23, 2008

Edward Kimball on the 1978 revelation

New material has been published in the past few years providing additional information on the revelation allowing black men to have the priesthood and temple privileges, and black women to have temple privileges.  The latest issue of BYU Studies has a great article on the topic from President Kimball's son, Edward Kimball, who recently published a biography of his father's years as church president.  BYU Studies says of the ariticle:

Edward L. Kimball presents a marvelous account of the 1978 revelation granting the priesthood to worthy men of all races. Beginning with a brief history of the priesthood ban, the article then traces President Spencer W. Kimball's personal support of the Church's longtime position until, at the death of President Harold B. Lee, it suddenly became his problem. The subsequent process by which President Kimball became convinced that the time for change had come, and how he involved his counselors and the Twelve in preparing for the divine manifestation that followed, is one of the finest examples of leadership in Church history.
More information about this issue of BYU studies can be found here.

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