Thursday, October 30, 2008

Technology Plans of the Mormon Church

On Grandpa Grumpy's Blog, MaxWeller reports on an all hands meeting for the LDS Church's IT department where they outlined a five year plan for the church.  Below are 5 items he  listed. 

1. One central church web site which will then navigate to all the different aspects of the church, i.e. family history, lessons, Temples, missionary sites (for non members, kind of a

2. On line interaction for church callings and positions.  For example if you are a Bishop and use your lds account (the same user name and password that you log into your ward web site), the web site knows your calling as a bishop and gives you access to Bishop related material, ward members, information you add, the church handbook, and other things to make the bishops job easier.  If you are a primary teacher, materials for your calling will be available and taylored for you.

3.  You will get web access based on your geographical location around the world.  The web site will know who you are and where you are located and provide News information and helps for you in from the Church based on your location.

4. More tools for help those who are not members understand the church and ask questions.

5. If President Monson wants to communicate with the youth of the church he can send a text message which will be send to the youths cell phones. (or if a Bishop wants to comunicate with a youth that he is working with, say to go on a mission he can do the same thing through his phone and the web site.



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