Sunday, October 26, 2008

Re: Creation and Evolution: A Witness of Prophets

The official position of the church is that it has no position on the
matter. This author is capitalizing on the anti-evolution statements
that came out during the McConkie era under Joseph Fielding Smith,
Bruce R. McConkie and others. Both positions (pro and con) have been
expressed by individual leaders with more contrary to evolution in the
70s. But the current position of the church is neutrality.

Unfortunately, the church doesn't do anything to stop individuals that
take a conservative position that is out of line with current policy
while they are more likely to take issue with those espousing a
liberal position that is out of line with policy.

Young, intelligent church members are set up for a testimony crisis by
anti-evolution teachings. When they are young, and are taught to
believe evolution is false, and then go to college and realize that
evolution is a foundational scientific principal in biology, they find
themselves in a crisis situation. Promoting anti-evolution does a
disservice to members of the church, in my opinion.

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Greg said...

D&C 107:27,29 makes it pretty clear what the reigning authority is in the church--signed statments from unified quorum bodies. There has never been one that defies "the origin of man" document that was released in 1907. There has never been a statement to contradict the teachings there. Its easy to say "there's no position," but there is truth to be found.