Friday, October 31, 2008

Mormon Myth-ellaneous: Amazing True Mormon Stories -- and Some That Should Be

 Mormon Mythellaneous
Amazing True Mormon Stories -and Some That Should Be! Take a comical jaunt to unlock the hidden mysteries of Mormon urban legends, faithpromoting rumors, and alluring facts and fallacies. Scores of researchers and experts weigh in on issues not exactly critical to your salvation, but that you've always wondered about. Did Elvis read the Book of Mormon? Why are the Three Nephites always hitchhiking? Was Yoda modeled after an LDS Church president? Was a Jaredite barge really found in Lake Michigan? Hang on tight as you discover what these pass-along tales say about "the Mormons" as a people, why we gravitate to these stories, and how to best challenge less-than-credible accounts. Enjoy a fast-paced, fun ride with Mormon Myth-ellaneous: Amazing True Mormon Stories-and Some That Should Be! Who knows? You may even learn a little something.

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