Friday, January 04, 2013

A Selected Chronology of Lorenzo Snow

The Priesthood / Relief Society manual Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Lorenzo Snow will be studied by Latter-day Saint men and women in 2013. In conjunction, LDS-Church-History will present a in-depth chronology of the life of Lorenzo Snow.

Lorenzo and his sister Eliza R. Snow joined the Latter Day Saints in Ohio when Joseph Smith and his followers settled near their home.  He soon became immersed in the Mormon movement, living near Kirtland, then Nauvoo, and on to Utah, with missions in between. This study will look at his rise through the hierarchy, family background, and touch on a number of items such as the origin of his famous couplet; "As man is, God once was. As God is, man may become."

Lorenzo Snow merged his intellectual abilities and compassionate outlook with his fervent religious views. As a young man, he studied Hebrew. As a new apostle, he liked to ask deep doctrinal questions of Brigham Young.  As president of the Quorum of Twelve, he believed that by achieving perfect harmony among his fellow apostles, the 2nd coming would quickly follow, with the church returning to Zion within a few years. He labored intensely to resolve tensions among his fellow apostles.

This study will also look at his visions, his quest to relieve the debt burden of the church, how he interpreted the manifesto, and other issues faced by the LDS leadership.

Aspects of his life are drawn a variety of sources including the journals of his fellow apostles. Source material is presented as is, without commentary -- allowing the sources to speak for themselves.

Each day over the coming months, several items from this chronology will be posted, providing an unparalleled look into his life. The best way to follow LDS Church History is by subscribing to one of the following: