Monday, November 26, 2012

Mormon Church History: 1847

1847 marks an important period in the history of the LDS Church. The year opens with Mormons wintering in the temporary settlement Winter Quarters on the Nebraska / Iowa boarder. By mid-summer, Brigham Young would found an isolated community near the Great Salt Lake in present day Utah.

Over the next several months, Mormon-Church-History will chronicle each day of 1847, gradually traversing through the entire year.  Information posted will include journal entries, meeting minutes, biographical information and more.

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Excerpts from  January 1st, 1847

Eliza R. Snow's diary mentions receiving a blessing "thro' our belov'd mother Chase and sis[ter] Clarissa [Decker] by the gift of tongues," adding: "To describe the scene . . . would be beyond my power"  ...

[Hosea Stout Diary]  ...

        This being the beginning of another year and our sojourn in Winter Quarters perhaps is about half out I thought I would give you a synopsis of the "face of affairs".

        The brethren have mostly got into their houses.

        The city is divided into 22 wards & has a Bishop over each ward. They seem to be doing their duty better than I ever knew the Bishops to do before. The poor are uncommonly well seen & attended to

        The police Tax are being collected and the people are appearantly willing to pay the same though some have fled because of the police tax and are trying to raise an excitement against us in Missouri & all who have left here contrary to council as far as I can learn have had bad luck & they are truly "cursed"  ...

        There are now arraingements being made to send off three hundred pioneers before winter breaks who will proceed to the head of the running water and sustain their teams on the rushes as they will travail up the river. and wait there till grass rises & then proceed to the foot of the mountains near the head of the Yellow Stone where they will put in a crop.

        The Twelve contemplate & are now raising companies that is each is raising a company who will follow after the pioneers when grass rises here with as many persons as can subsist on the crop put on by the pioneers

        There is peace in this place and the Saints seem willing to abide council notwithstanding some dissent and escape & find fault with every move that is made for even now the transgressor in Zion begins to tremble.

        I have heard of no report of adultery in this place since the affair last fall or summer with the three young men.spoken of at the time so effectual was the lessen give then on that subject.

        The war between the United States and Mexico appears to be continued and there is yet no signs of its termination which creates great dissatisfaction in the States. Elders Hyde & Taylor both arrived in saftey in England  ...