Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Mormon Stories Sunday School

Excerpts of Mormon Stories Sunday School 


...Bible scholar Jared Anderson outlines the vision, tone, goals, and proposed content of this Sunday School podcast. There will be a weekly Gospel Doctrine podcast entitled "Engaging Gospel Doctrine", as well as a "ward library" of expanding content under the title "Excavating Scripture". He also introduces skills for "close reading" of the scriptures as well as suggests resources....

This project models Sunday School teaching that is substantive and engaging while remaining faith-friendly

, something that would be at home in a ward environment (though the coolest ward ever). Content will be produced in the following order:

  • A weekly Sunday School lesson published about two weeks before the Church schedule
  • A series of twelve audio-visual presentations that explore the intersection of key disciplines and topics with religion and Mormonism
  • Mormon Stories-style interviews that will focus on the Standard Works and related topics
  • A podcast commentary of the Standard Works

    Here is a link to Dr. Sophia McClennen's Close Reading Guide
    The "Super Quad" list of books: