Saturday, June 09, 2012

New Content on Joseph Smith Papers Website

Characters, pronunciations and definitions from the 2nd part
of the 1st degree of  Joseph Smith's Egyptian Alphabet
The Joseph Smith Papers Project announces the addition of new content to its website:
Other items are listed  here. Included below is the an excerpt of the Egyptian Alphabet (characters not included) containing a pronunciation and definition of the first and second parts of the first degree.

ah the first being who exercises Supreme power
phare the first man or one who has Kingly power or K[ing]
pha a more universal reighn having geater domion or power
<pharreuh> rolyal faimly royal blood or pharaoah or supreme power or King
<ho up hah> crown of a princess or queen or Stands for queen
<Zi> Virgen unmaried or the priciple of vitue
Kah tou man the name of a royal family in female line
Zie oop hah An unmaried woman and a virgin price
ho-ee-oop young unmarried man a price[s]
ho-ee-oop-hah crown of a prince or King
one – ahe or ohe the Earth
tone take or [Mi] tohe tou-es beneath or under wa[ter]
Iota the eye or to see or sight sometimes me myself
Iota tou-es Zip-Zi the land of Egypt first seen under <water>
Sue Eh mi what other person is that or who
ho-ee oop phare hah phare government power or Kingdom
zub Zool oun the begining first before pointing to
zub zool Eh in the begining of the Earth or Creation
zool Eh Signifys to be in any as light in th
zub the first Creation of any thing first insti[tu]tion
zub zool from the first to any Stated period after
zool from any or some fixed period of time <back> to the begining <of the  reation>

The second part first degree

Ahmaros god without begining or end
Aleph in the beginning with God the Son or
Albeth Angels or disimbodied spirits or Saints
Alcatbeth Angels in an unattenable immortal <state>
Achibeth minissters of god high preasts Kings
Alchibeth ministers of god under or the less
Alchobeth ministers not ordained of god sinful
Alchabeth ministers who are less sinful for want of <power>
Baeth the name of all mankind man or men
Baeth Ka Adam or the first man or first King
Baeth Ke the next from Adam one ordained under <him>
Baeth Ki the third patrearck
Baeth Ko the fourth from Adam
Baeth Ku