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Selected chronology of George Albert Smith: Early Life

George Albert Smith*
Included are items related George Albert Smith's family life as a child and early adulthood before before becoming an apostle at age 33.  Most of this material comes from the diary of his father - John Henry Smith - who became an apostle when George Albert was ten. Events from John Henry's life that may have impacted his family, as well as a few major events in church history as seen through his eyes are included. Additional sources are used to supplement the material from his diaries.

-- Feb 28, 1868 
Brother of George Albert Smith: John Henry born Feb. 28, 1868 (1)

-- 1870. April 4 
George Albert Smith
about age 4*
George Albert Smith was born in Salt Lake City to [Sarah] Farr and John Henry Smith. He was a great- grandnephew of Joseph Smith, Sr., and a grandson of [Apostle] George A. Smith. (2)

-- April 22, 1872 
Brother of George Albert Smith: Lorin born April 22, 1872 (1)

-- March 18, 1874 
Brother of George Albert Smith: Don Carlos born March 18, 1874, married Esther Shields (1)

-- 1874 June 26 
[Diary of John Henry Smith, father of George Albert Smith] Set apart for mission to Great Britain by church president John Taylor. (3)

-- 1875-80 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Serves as bishop of Seventeenth Ward in Salt Lake City. (3)

-- 1875 May-June 
George Albert Smith (left)
and three brothers*
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Tours Europe with mission president Joseph F. Smith, his cousin. (3)

-- 1875 August 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Returns to Salt Lake City because of his father's illness. (3)

-- 1876-82 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Member of Salt Lake City Council. (3)

-- September 21, 1876 
Brother of George Albert Smith: Ezra Chase born Sept. 21, 1876, married Elizabeth Shields (1)

-- 1877 April 4 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Marries Josephine Groesbeck as a plural wife, daughter of prominent businessman Nicholas Groesbeck. (3)

-- June 6, 1878 
[George Albert Smith] ... was baptized June 6, 1878 in City Creek, Salt Lake City, by James Moyle. He was confirmed by his father. (4)

-- October 22, 1878 
half sister: Sarah Ann born  Oct. 22, 1878, married Moses A. Pond (1)

-- August 3, 1879 
Brother of George Albert Smith: Charles Warren born Aug. 3, 1879 (1)

-- Sunday, Oct. 17, 1880 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Provo

           Myself and wives and one child went to Provo. Was met at depot by B. Colton and taken to my mother's house. (3)

-- 1880 October 27 
Ordained an apostle in the Quorum of the Twelve. (3)

-- Wednesday, Oct. 27, 1880 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           At the office during the forenoon. At two p.m. met in Council with the twelve. Bro. F. M. Lyman was ordained an apostle under the hands of Bro. J. Taylor, G. Q. Cannon, J. F. Smith, Wilford Woodruff, Orson Pratt, E. Snow, F. D. Richards, B[righam]. Young [Jr.] & Bro. D. H. Wells, Bro. Taylor being mouth.

           I was ordained under the same hands with the addition of Bro. F. M. Lyman, Bro. Woodruff being mouth. At home during the evening.

           Bro. D. H. Wells was 66 years old today and Bro. John Taylor gave him a blessing. (3)

John Henry Smith, father
of George Albert Smith*

-- Oct 27, 1880 
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 27  Telegram say their is more hope of Br Rich to day. Brigham T Young Son of Joseph A Young died at 2 oclok this Morning with drunkenness & Morphene.

        I attended Council.    In our Council today we ordained Francis M Lyman (son of Areason Lyman) to the Apostleship as one of the Twelve Apostles. John Taylor was Mouth in Ordaining. We also Ordained John Henry Smith (Son of George A Smith) To the Apostleship A member of the Twelve Apostles. W Woodruff Ordained him. He was the first Apostle I Ever Ordained.

        The following is the blessing sealed upon the Head of John Henry Smith:

        - = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

        Ordination of John Henry Smith to the Apostleship to be one of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles Ordained under the hands of Presidet John Taylor, George Q. Cannon, & Joseph F Smith of the Presidency, and Wilford Woodruff who was Mouth in Ordaining also Orson Pratt, Erastus Snow, Franklin D Richards, & Brigham Young of the Quorum of the Twelve and D H Wells Counciller to the Twelve.

        - = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

        Brother John Henry Smith in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Authority of the Holy Priesthood And Apostleship confered upon us we lay our hands upon your head, and we ordain you an Apostle in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and as A member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. And we seal upon you all the power And Authority to Administer in all the Ordinances of the House of God agreeable to this Office Even the Apostleship which is the Highest Authority Ever Confered and sealed upon the sons of men in the flesh.

        And we pray God to Cloth you with the power of this Apostleship, with the power of God, That your mind may be open to Comprehend & understand your relationship to God, your relationship to your Brethren, your relationship to the Church and Kingdom of God, in relation to this world, and in relation to the responsibility which now rest upon you.

        And we say unto you The Eyes of God & his Son Jesus Christ and of the Heavenly Hosts, and of Joseph Smith and the Apostles, and the Eyes of your Father who are behing the veil are upon you. And there is rejoicing in Heaven becaus you are one of the Sons of the Prophets & Apostles and have Come forth to take upon yourself the Holy Apostleship and we say unto you be humble before God and seek for the Holy spirit For you need this power to guide and direct you in this Apostleship. And inasmuch as you walk in faithfulness and humility before God and seek and obey the Council of your Brethren you will become a Mighty man in the Earth. And you shall stand in the flesh to behold the great work fullfilled and the promises of God Concerning the great last dispensation of the fulness of times.

        We pray God to Cloth you with his Power, with the spirit and Power of the Holy Ghost and the Revelation of Jesus Christ which Belongs to the Apostleship which is your right to Claim which is your right to exercise, & which is your right to Enjoy. Lift up your voice as with the Sound of a trumpet long & loud as far as you have an opportunity in your day and declare the word of life & salvation unto the inhabitants of the Earth.

        You are ordained unto this power. You hold the [] of life & death as far as the salvation or Condemnation of the world is Concerned. You are Called to Stand in the defense of the truth and to bear your record of the Kingdom of God on the Earth and your Testimony will rise in judgment against the wicked in the day of Judgments in the day when all men will give an account of the deeds done in the body. Your words shall be a savior of life unto life to those who believe and obey, or of Death unto Death to those who reject your testimony.

        Therefore we say unto you go forth in peace & the power of God to bear a record of the word of Everlasting life. And take upon you and feel in your spirit this Apostleship, and the blessings of God will attend your labors. We seal again your Evry Blessing, and evry Key and Endowment of the New and Everlasting Covenant Even the Blessing of Abraham Isaac & Jacob in the name of Jesus Christ our Redeemer Amen.

        - = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

        The spirit of God rested upon us while we were ordaining thes two Brethren to the Apostleship. The Blessing of Br Lyman I have not Got Therefore I Cannot record it. (5)

-- During 1880s 
[George Albert Smith] In his teens, he attended the Brigham Young Academy in Provo, Utah. He also attended one year at the University of Utah, and then became employed as a salesman at ZCMI. (4)

-- Saturday, Jan. 1, 1881 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I spent the day at home. My wife Josephine got dinner for quite a company. We roasted a turkey that Bro. H[iram]. B. Clawson had given me.  Beside my wife Sarah and children and Aunt Lucy and my mother, Father Groesbeck and wife and cousin to my wife Squire Bush were with us. We had a good time a very agreable time was had. (3)

-- Monday, Jan 3, 1881 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

Sarah Farr Smith, mother
of George Albert Smith
           This evening my Uncle John Lyman Smith Patriarch gave me, my wife Sarah and our boys George Albert, Don Carlos and Ezra Chase Smith our Patriarchal blessing. (3)

-- Jan 3, 1881 
[Patriarchal Blessing of George Albert Smith given by John L. Smith on January 3, 1881]

        A blessing by John L. Smith Patriarch, upon he head of George Albert Smith, son of John Henry and Sarah F. Smith, born Salt Lake City and County, Utah, April 4, 1870.

        George Albert, in the authority of the Patriarchal priesthood, I place my hands upon thy head and seal upon thee a blessing for and in behalf of thy father. Thou are of Ephraim and entitled to all the blessings promised to his children. 

        Thy guardian angel hath and will watch over thee and whisper to thee the way in which thou shouldest walk in the right enabling thee to shun every trap and snare set for thy feet. The priesthood in fulness shall ere long be sealed upon thee with all the gifts, powers, and blessings pertaining thereto. The Lord hath in store for thee a mighty work to perform for thy kindred and friends. So speedy and important shall be thy mission that thou shalt travel as upon the wings of the wind. 

        No miracle shall be too hard for thee to perform. Thy word shall be as a two-edged sword causing the wicked in Zion to tremble. Wives and children, honorable and mighty, houses and lands in abundance, riches, honor, immortality and eternal lives shall be thine. Now, my son, listen to the counsels of thy parents and give strict heed to thy father's voice and no work shall be too hard for thee to perform. 

        The winds and the waves shall obey thy voice. The dead shall be raised at thy command if it be necessary for the prosperity of Israel. Treasure up good instructions in thy youth and in the day and hour thou needest them thy tongue shall be loosed and utterance be given thee that shall astound all that hear thee. Pray to thy father in heaven in faith and thy prayers shall be answered. All thy power, gifts and blessings with all thou canst desire or imagine in righteousness I renew and seal upon thee in the name of Jesus thy Redeemer. Amen. (6)

-- January 19, 1881 
Brother of George Albert Smith: Winslow Farr born Jan. 19, 1881, married Emily Whitney (1)

-- Monday, May 30, 1881 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

Apostle George A. Smith,
grandfather and namesake
to George Albert Smith*
           Today is celebrated as decoration day. I drove to the grave of my father and my children placed flowers upon it. (3)

-- June 20, 1881 
half brother: Nicholas G. born June 20, 1881, married Florence Gay (1)

-- 1881 August 1 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Elected to territorial legislature. (3)

-- Sunday, Sept. 18, 1881 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I am thirty-three years old today. My wife Sarah gave me two books, the Life of John Fitch by Thompson Westcott and The Life of George Stevenson by Samuel Smiles. Josephine gave me a nice silk handkerchief. My son George Albert gave me a buggy whip... (3)

-- Saturday, Dec. 24, 1881 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           Cold and roads dry and dusty. Today we made some small purchases for our children and I was at Prest. J. Taylor's office. (3)

-- Sunday, Dec. 25, 1881 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           My children enjoyed their Christmas very much and I took much pleasure with them.

           We all ate dinner at Josephine's and at 2 p.m. I went to meeting. Bro. C. W. Penrose delivered a fine discourse on the birth of Christ and the establishment of the Kingdom of God.

           6 p.m. attended meeting at the 12th ward. (3)

-- 1882 March 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Goes to Washington, D.C., to work against passage of the Edmunds Bill by the House of Representatives. (3)

-- Tuesday, Aug. 8, 1882 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] ...  Bro. E. Snow and son, myself and Son [George Albert] are on our way to Emery Co. (3)

-- Thursday, Aug. 31, 1882 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Provo

           I went to Provo and called upon [Karl] G. Maeser. I paid the tuition of my son [George Albert] for the quarter [at Brigham Young Academy]. (3)

-- Friday, Sept. 8, 1882 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Provo

           I bought a dictionary, grammar, reader, and speller for my boy. I paid my taxes and got George some shoes. (3)

-- Monday, Sept. 18, 1882 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I am thirty four years old today and I am in good health and spirits. My wives and children are all happy and well, and while our government is making exertions to bring trouble upon the saints all is well in Zion.

           My wife Sarah gave me a gold collar button. My wife Josephine gave me Gaskels Compendium.

            I bought fifty steel engravings of my father, and will scatter them among the family. (3)

-- Friday, Oct. 13, 1882 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] S. L. City

           My wife Josephine is 25 years old today. I gave her a gold ring. I was at Prest. John Taylor office most of the day.

           President Taylor presented a revelation he had received in which the Lord presented the names of George Teasdale and H[eber]. J. Grant to fill the vacancies in the quorum of the Twelve and S. B. Young to fill a vacancy in the Seventies. The revelation embodies some nice doctrinal points. 

           Their were present John Taylor, G. Q. Cannon, J. F. Smith, Wilford Woodruff, E. Snow, B. Young, M. Thatcher, F. M. Lyman, L. J. Nuttall, George Reynolds and myself and part of the time Lorenzo Snow.

           I am not clear on one of these brethren proposed for position. Bro. Teasdale is distastefull to me in his sycophantic manner. H. J. Grant I love, but he should have the testimony of the truth, and he is physically ruined. S. B. Young is choice in every way, but on the doctrine of celestial marriage [plural marriage] I am afraid he is lame.

           In the evening I attended the high Council meeting who were to pass upon the correctness of some doctrines and revelations to C. W. Stayner.

            Prest. A.M. Cannon in my judgement got badly mudled and made some wild rulings. I would spank my boys for such lack of Justice and Judgement. (3)

-- Tuesday, Oct. 24, 1882 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I made arrangemeants with my mother to board my son for $10.00 per month half merchandise and half on G.T.O. I also arranged with [Karl] G. Maeser to take G.T.O. orders for tuition.

           I blest my son George Albert and gave him some fatherly instruction. (3)

-- Wednesday, Oct 25, 1882 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I bid my mother and son good bye for the present and returned to the City.

           I went to Prest. Taylors office and received the following:

           Blessing pronounced upon the head of Apostle John Henry Smith under the hands of Presidents John Taylor, George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith. President J. Taylor was mouth.

           Brother John Henry: In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by virtue of the Holy Priesthood, we lay our hands upon thy head and set thee apart to go and preside over the European mission. And to this end, we pray that the spirit and power of thy mission may rest upon thee from this time forth; that the spirit of God may flow into thee, directing thee in all things pertaining to this mission and the interests thereof and pertaining to those over whom thou shalt preside, over all the Elders in that Country, that is, in England, in Scandinavia, in Germany, and in Switzerland, or wherever thy mission shall extend in that part of the world; that thou mayest be filled with the spirit and power of the Apostleship and be able to discern the spirits and actions of men, that thou mayest have wisdom given unto thee at all times to enable thee to act intelligently and carefully in managing all the affairs of thy mission; that thou mayest be as a father unto those over whom thou shalt preside. And seek unto God and obtain from Him revelation to direct thee in everything thou shalt engage in, that thou mayest have wisdom to direct and appoint men to those places in which they will be most serviceable and where their talents shall be most usefully employed, not only in England but in other parts of Europe wherein they shall labor; and pray that the spirit and  power of God may rest down upon thee at all times, that thou mayest be enabled to act intelligently in all thy doings.

           And we say unto thee seek unto the Lord to enable thee to do whatever devolves upon thee, and thou shalt be blessed, and in the transaction of business, in making appointments, and in all matters pertaining to the interest of the Church and Kingdom of God in that part of the Lords vineyard, seek unto the Lord to know just what is best and what is calculated to benefit the people over whom thou shalt preside.

           And we ask that thy health and strength may be adequate to the labors to be performed in this mission, that thy system may be preserved from disease, and that thou mayest be enabled to accomplish a good work even according to the desire of thy heart, and see the work of God roll forth in that part of the land where thou shalt preside.

           And we say unto thee, go in peace, and God shall bless thee in thy journey upon land and across the Ocean, and in thy labors in that part of the world, and thou shalt return, after accomplishing a good work, to the bosom of thy family and to the association of the Saints.

           We seal upon thee all of these blessings and set thee apart to this mission, and ask that the spirit and power of God may rest down upon thee from this time forth. We seal all these blessings upon thy head by virtue of the Holy Priesthood and Apostleship in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. (3)

-- 1882 October 28 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Leaves Salt Lake City to preside over the European Mission. (3)

-- Friday, Nov. 24, 1882 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Liverpool

           I received a letter from my wife Josephine written Nov. 5. All were pretty well at that time. I also received a letter from my son George Albert with a gem picture. I received a copy of the following revelation.

             Revelation given through President John Taylor,

             at Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, Oct. 13th 1882.

           Thus saith the Lord to the Twelve, and to the priesthood and people of my church: Let my servants George Teasdale and Heber J. Grant be appointed to fill the vacancies in the Twelve, that you may be fully organized and prepared for the Labors devolving upon you, for you have a great work to perform, and then proceed to fill up the presiding quorum of Seventies, and assist in organizing that body of my priesthood who are your co-laborers in the ministry. You may appoint Seymour B. Young to fill up 'the vacancy in the presiding quorum of seventies, if he will conform to my  law; for it is not meet that men who will not abide by law shall preside over my priesthood; and then proceed forthwith and call to your aid any assistance that you may recquire from among the seventies to assist you in your labors in introducing and maintaining the gospel among the Lamanites throughout the land. And then let High Priests be selected, under the direction of the first Presidency, to preside over the various organizations that shall exist among this people; that those who receive the Gospel may be taught in the doctrines of my church, and in the ordinances and law thereof; and also in the things pertaining to my Zion and my Kingdom, saith the Lord, that they may be one with you in my church and my Kingdom.

           Let the Presidency of my church be one in all things; and let the Twelve also be one in all things; and let them all be one with me as I am one with the Father.

           And let the High Priests organize themselves and purify themselves, and prepare themselves for this labor, and for all other labors that they may be called upon to fulfil.

           And let the Presidents of Stakes also purify themselves, and the priesthood and people of the Stakes over which they preside, and organize the priesthood in their various Stakes according to my law in all the various departments thereof, in the High Councils, in the Elders quorums, and in the Bishops and their councils, and in the quorum of Priests, Teachers and Deacons, that every quorum may be fully organized according to the order of my church; and then let them inquire into the standing and fellowship of all that hold my holy priesthood in their several stakes; and if they find those that are unworthy let them remove them, except they repent; for my priesthood, whom I have called and whom I have sustained and honored, shall honor me and obey my laws, and the laws of my holy priesthood or they shall not be considered worthy to hold my priesthood, saith the Lord. And let my priesthood humble themselves before me, and seek not their own will but my will; for if my priesthood, whom I have chosen, and called, and endowed with the spirit and gifts of their several callings, and with the powers thereof do not acknowledge me I will not acknowledge them, saith the Lord, for I will be honored and obeyed by my priesthood.

           And, then, I call upon my priesthood, and upon all my people, to repent of all their sins and shortcomings, of their covetousness and pride and selfwill, and of all their iniquities wherein they sin against me; and to seek with all humility to fulfil my law, as my priesthood, my saints, and my people, and I call upon the heads of families to put their houses in order according to the law of God, and attend to the various duties and responsibilities associated therewith, and to purify themselves before me, and to purge out iniquity from their households.

           And I will bless and be with you, Saith the Lord, and ye shall gather together in your holy places wherein ye assemble to call upon me, and ye shall ask for such things as are right, and I will hear your prayers, and my  spirit and power shall be with you, and my blessing shall rest upon you, upon your families, your dwellings, and your households, upon your flocks and herds and fields, your orchards and vineyards, and upon all that pertain to you, and you shall be my people and I will be your God and your enemies shall not have dominion over you, for I will preserve you and confound them, saith the Lord, and they shall not have power nor dominion over you; for my word shall go forth, and my work shall be accomplished; and my Zion shall be established, and my rule and my power and my dominion shall prevail among my people, and all nations shall yet acknowledge me, Even So amen. (3)

-- Thursday, Dec. 7, 1882 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Liverpool

           Cold and stormy, ground covered with snow. I wrote a long letter to President John Taylor. I also wrote to George Reynolds, J. A. West, Alfred Alder and Ben E. Rich. I sent some handkerchiefs and other little things to my children. I have been very busy. I have fixed Jan. 14 for the conference at Manchester. (3)

-- Saturday, March 10, 1883 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Liverpool and Sheffield

           I wrote letters to Bro. Woodruff and also my son George.... (3)

-- June 19, 1883 
Brother of George Albert Smith: Nathaniel Libby born June 19, 1883, married Leah Whitehead (1)

-- Saturday, July 7, 1883 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Liverpool

           I received letters from my wives and son George. Sarah F. my wife gave birth to a son on the 19th of June. My sisters Sarah M. and Clarissa both had sons a day or two before.... (3)

-- January 16, 1884 
[Patriarchal Blessing of George Albert Smith by Zebedee Coltrin on January 16, 1884]

        A Patriarchal Blessing upon the head of George Albert Smith, son of Sarah Farr and John Henry Smith, born April 4, 1870, at S. L. City, S. L., Cou[nty]. U. T. 

        Br. George Albert in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I lay my hands upon your head and seal upon you a Patriarchal Blessing for thou art of the seed of Abraham of the house of Joseph and lineage of Ephraim. I seal upon thy head a father's blessing, for thou art a lawful heir to all the blessings of the holy Priesthood, and inasmuch as thou wilt keep all the commandments of the Lord thou shalt attain to all the blessings of eternal lives, and the choice blessings of the heavens shall rest down upon you and thou shalt be filled with the wisdom of the heavens and the light of the Lord shall dwell within you, and every organ of you mind shall be filled with the inspiration of the Lord, for thou wast called and chosen of the Lord from before the foundation of the earth was laid to come forth in this dispensation to assist in building up the Zion of God upon the earth, and thou shalt be enabled to go forth to proclaim the gospel unto the inhabitants of the earth, and shall be enabled to bring many to a knowledge of the truth, for thy voice shall be as the voice of a trumpet in declaring the words of the Lord to the nobles of the earth, and many shall believe in thy words and embrace the gospel of the Son of God.

        For thou shalt be filled with the mighty power of God, and shall be able to do many mighty works in their midst. And thou shalt have power over the elements, and the winds and the waves of the sea shall obey thy voice, and no miracle shall be too great for thee to do, when it shall be necessary for the salvation of man, for thou art called to do a great and mighty work in the great kingdoms of God. And thou shalt attain to all the blessings and sealing powers that shall be given in the holy temples of the Lord and thou shalt behold the Lord when he shall come in the clouds of heaven, and shall be enabled to do a great work upon the earth, both for the living and the dead, and shall assist in the redemption of thy father's house. And thou shalt become a mighty prophet in the midst of the sons of Zion. And the angels of the Lord shall administer unto you, and the choice blessings of the heavens shall rest upon you.  

        And thy posterity shall become great upon the earth, and the Holy Melchisedek Priesthood shall rest upon them throughout all their generations and thy sons shall become mighty men before the Lord, filled with the wisdom of the heavens, and many of them shall become prophets and apostles and shall dwell in the midst of the Zion of the Lord as their posterity shall become very great and they shall become kings and priests of the most high. And thy daughters shall become women of great renown and shall become the mothers of mighty men before the Lord, and shall dwell among the sanctified of the Lord, and shall become a vast multitude dwelling in the midst of the Zion of the Lord, and shall live and reign a thousand years upon the earth and unto thy generations there shall be no end. 

        And thou shalt be wrapt in the visions of the heavens and thou shalt be clothed with salvation as with a garment, for thou art destined to become a mighty man before the lord, for thou shalt become a mighty apostle in the church and kingdom of God upon the earth, for none of thy father's family shall have more power with God than thou shalt have, for none shall excel thee, for thy reward shall be great in the heavens, for the blessing of thy father and of thy grandfather shall rest upon thee and thou shalt become a man of mighty faith before the Lord, even like unto that of the brother of Jared, and thou shalt remain upon the earth until thou art satisfied with life, and shall be numbered with the Lord's annointed and shall become a king and a priest unto the most High, for thou art of the pure blood of Jacob, and have a right to all the blessings of the house of Joseph, and shall receive an everlasting inheritance when the Ancient of Days shall come, and thou shalt have power to come forth on the morning of the first resurrection and shall be numbered with the sanctified before the Lord. And I now seal all of these blessings upon thy head, and [seal] thee up unto all the powers of exaltation of thrones and dominions, and powers of eternal lives in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, Amen. (6)

-- Thursday, Apr 10, 1884 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Liverpool

           The weather is very fine. I wrote a short Editorial for the Star and  letters to President John Taylor and my wife Sarah, son George and Aunt Lucy. We held meeting in the evening. No strangers present. (3)

-- Wednesday, Oct. 29, 1884 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Liverpool

           Stormy. I bought a bracelet for little Sarah, and some sleeve buttons for George. A coat for Chase, and cap for Nathaniel. (3)

-- Dec. 17, 1884 
half brother: Joseph H. born Dec. 17, 1884, married Sarah McKinnon (1)

-- Wednesday, April 1, 1885 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Ogden and Salt Lake City

           In the evening my wife Sarah and I went home to the City. We found the children at home, all well and pleased to see me. A number of friends called in to see me.... (3)

-- 1885 April 1 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Returns to Salt Lake City [from European mission]. (3)

-- Wednesday, June 3, 1885 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           Very hot. ....  I got one hundred dollars in cash from J. Jack and 34 dollars from my son George. ... (3)

-- 1885 July 2 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Arrested for illegal cohabitation but is discharged. (3)

-- Thursday, July 2, 1885 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           Very warm. While working in front of my house this morning cleaning out the water ditch Deputy United States Marshall H. F. Collin put me under arrest for Illegal Cohabitation. Deputies H. Miller and Lindsay Sprague joined him. They subpoenaed my son George A., Wife Sarah, Sarah Arnold, Joseph Groesbeck, Millie Morgan, and John A. Groesbeck. Deputy H. Miller took me to the Marshall's office and from thence to Commissioner McKay's office. Attorney Dixon came in and Joseph Groesbeck, George Albert Smith and Sarah Arnold were examined. The Court took a recess until 4 p.m. Hugh Anderson and Sam Merritt, both Non-Mormons became my sureties. 4 p.m. Court met again. John A. Groesbeck was put on the witness stand and Sarah Arnold again. The Commissioner discharged me. Dixon instructed Collins to hold the witnesses for the Grand Jury. He said he had done so. I  met with Bro. G. Q. Cannon for a short time in the evening. Judge Harkness was my Attorney. (3)

-- July 3, 1885 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Friday, July 3 - Salt Lake City

           Hot. I did not sleep much last night. Josephine [wife], George, and baby went away in a wagon. (3)

-- Friday, Dec. 25, 1885 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           Warm and Cloudy. My family were all together today except my son George. We had a pleasant time. Two Deputy U.S. Marshalls have been hanging about my house today. My family are all well, thanks to my heavenly father. (3)

-- Janurary 22, 1886 
Sister of George Albert Smith: Nancy Claribell born Jan. 22, 1886 (1)
George Albert Smith
(right) age 16*

-- Jun 25, 1886 (Friday) 
[Grandfather of George Albert Smith] Lorin Farr, of Ogden, was arrested on a five-count indictment, charging him with u.c. [Unlawful Cohabitation, I.E. living with a polygamous wife], and placed under bonds. (7)

-- december 24, 1887 
half sister: Lucy born Dec. 24, 1887, d. Aug. 24, 1900 (1)

-- Tuesday, Dec. 27, 1887 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Snowflake

           Bro. John Oakley gave me a Patriarchal blessing and I blest him and President Jesse N. Smith. (3)

-- Saturday, Feb. 4, 1888 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] ... Yesterday I received my pay of $25.00 as director of the Gass Co. My son George took the check and Coop W. & M. Co. $24.50 I owed them. I handed H. J. Grant $300.00 to have credited on my account. (3)

-- Sunday, Apr 22, 1888 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Snowflake, Arizona

           I attended the Sabooth School and in connection with several other of the brethren spoke a few words.

           We took our supper with Bro. Jesse N. Smith and Bro. L. H. Hatch gave me the following:

           A Blessing by Lorenzo H. Hatch, Patriarch upon the head of John Henry Smith, son of George [A.] and Sara L. Ann Libbey Smith, born in Carbunca, Pottowatamie Co. Iowa Sept. 18, 1848.

           Beloved Brother, John Henry Smith. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and by the authority of the holy Priesthood, agreeable to your request, I place my hands upon thy head and seal upon thee a patriarchal blessing. Behold I say unto you, be of good cheer for you have been preserved as a chosen instrument and as a promised child to raise up the name of thy father and mother. Thy father obtained promises concerning thee. Thou has been impelled to go forward by the inspiration of the Lord thy God. As Jeremiah was ordained to be a prophet unto the nations so it has fallen to thy lot to in like manner lift up thy voice both long and loud and to spare not. It is thy calling to administer in behalf of millions as a great Apostle and to stand coequal with the chiefest of thy brethren. Your testimony is recorded on high. Your ministry while abroad is a witness that will bring thousands to judgment. Your words from henceforth shall be as in former times directed by the unerring

           Counsel of the spirit of prophecy and revelation. Your enemies shall be appalled before you. You shall be shielded and preserved to give Counsel and direction and to view the things of the eternal world, and to explain all points of doctrine and to discern what is in the hearts of the children of men. All your gifts have been foreordained and for this reason you have been shielded from the hand of the destroyer. The plans of the enemy have been frustrated and your life has been spared, thus saith the Lord your God, that you might continue to travel from nation to nation. They that you bless shall be blessed, and they that defy the Lord by your word they shall be cursed, and their generations shall cease from among men. Behold I say unto you, tongue cannot discribe nor pen record the glories that await you for your calling and election shall be made sure. The  Angels of God are on your right and left, they have journeyed with you, by land and by sea. I the Lord your God who speaketh by revelation will continue to hear your prayers, and your wives and your children shall be preserved as in the hollow of his hand. Behold you are an heir of every blessing that has or can be conferred upon one of the sons of men. For as Jacob so you have prevailed with the Lord thy God.

           You have comforted the poor, the prayers of the widow and the fatherless are recorded in your favor and of your increase there shall be no end. Whatsoever you desire shall be granted unto you for you will be guided as in times past. You shall never want for money to perform the good in thine heart and you shall remember your brethren who are co-laborers in this great work. You shall comfort the aged and bless them, and your blessings shall be recorded in heaven, for this ministry has been conferred upon thee to bind on earth and it shall be bound in heaven. Rejoice therefore, for behold these words are the words of the Lord thy God. Though the heavens shall pass away, these words shall not fail. I seal all these blessings with your former blessings by the authority of my patriarchal Calling and in the name of your Redeemer, even so, Amen. (3)

-- Monday, April 23, 1888 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Snowflake

           The day is warm and sultry and in the evening it rained. Bro. Jesse N. Smith and I went to Taylor and I gave Bro. L. H. Hatch a blessing, after which We attended a meeting and both spoke.

           A blessing by John Oakley, Patriarch, at Snowflake, Apache Co., Arizona, Dec. 27, 1887 upon the head of John Henry Smith, son of George A. and Sarah Ann Libbey Smith, born in Carbunca, Pottawottomie County, Iowa, Sept. 18th 1848.

           Bro. John Henry Smith, in the name of Jesus Christ I lay my hands upon your head and seal upon you a patriarchal and father's blessing and ask my heavenly Father that his holy spirit may rest down upon me and upon you and upon the Scribe, that the words that may be said may be in accordance with the spirit of Truth. Your linage is that of Ephraim through the loins of Joseph, and thus cometh this blessing unto your father's house. Your Heavenly Father, as also your earthly father Geo. A. Smith are well pleased with your course. They have a special and constant care of you you to preserve you from the many dangers and evels that are continually surrounding you and to guide you also and inspire you to do much good among the people. And as your days and years increase your usefullness shall also increase because of your gain in experience and prudence and discretion, and you shall live until you are satisfied with life and be changed in the twinkling of an eye. Not long hence and you shall see and take hold of the hand of your Savior.

           Your joy shall be increased as your days and your years increase, and you shall have this to add to your testimony that you have seen the Lord. There is much that I can see and understand that is for you, to numerable to  mention at this time. I seal these blessings upon your head in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. (3)

-- 1888 May 1 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Moves [wife] Josephine to Manassa, Colorado. (3)

-- Sunday, June 10, 1888 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I was reading all day. My Son George Went to Logan and got the papers and returned.... (3)

-- June 11, 1888 
Sister of George Albert Smith: Tirzah Priscilla born June 11, 1888, married William Langton (1)

-- Thursday, Feb. 21, 1889 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I got three hundred dollars from J. Jack and paid that amount of tithing. I paid $10.00 for George and $75.00 for [wife] Josephine.... (3)

-- January 30, 1890 
half sister: Elizabeth born Jan. 30, 1890, married Samuel Rex (1)

-- Thursday, June 5, 1890 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Beaver City

           I met my son George Albert here. He is traveling for Z.C.M.I. and is feeling very well. (3)

-- 1890 October 1 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Votes to endorse church president Wilford Woodruffs manifesto banning plural marriages. (3)

-- Wednesday, Oct. 1, 1890 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           At 10 a.m. Lorenzo Snow, Franklin D. Richards, Moses Thatcher, Francis M. Lyman, John Henry Smith, Heber J. Grant, John W. Taylor, Abraham H. Cannon and Anton H. Lund [met]. I spoke upon the manifesto, was not fully clear upon it. Heber J. Grant, Anton H. Lund, and Abraham H. Cannon spoke in regard to the Manifesto and endorsed it. During the day all of the brethren expressed their views upon various subjects.

           I related to the brethren an answer made to me by Presid[e]nt Brigham Young to the Question "In case of your death to whom should I look to lead the Church[?"]

           His answer was. To any one of the Council of the Apostles in the order of ordination, baring Orson Hyde and Orson Pratt, who had forfeited their right. This was in the spring of 1874. My father, George A. Smith, Bathsheba W. Smith and Amelia Folsom Young were also present and I think Erastus Snow, but am not posative. (3)

-- Friday, Nov. 7, 1890 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Manassa

           My daughter received a letter from Aunt Lucy saying my son Don Car]os had typhoid fever. I went to LaJara in the evening. It was very dark and stormy. I telegraphed to my son George: Has Don typhoid, also how is he. Answer immediately. (3)

-- Saturday, Nov. 8, 1890 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Manassa

           I received a telegram from George saying "Don has typhoid, doing nicely. Others well." (3)

-- Tuesday, Jan 27, 1891 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Ogden

           I returned to Ogden and found my wife, Sarah, and sons Don & George. We spent the day visiting. Mother Farr is 68 years old today. In the evening 40-od[d] persons came in and gave her a surprise. Her children presented her a nice chair. We had a pleasant time. (3)

-- 1891 May 20 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Helps organize the Republican Party of Utah, followed by dubs in other cities. (3)

-- Wednesday, Sept. 2, 1891 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           A number of young men were set apart for their missions to the Improvement Associations of the Church, my son George among the number.... (3)

-- October 19, 1891 
Sister of George Albert Smith: Elsie Louise born Oct. 19, 1891. (1)

-- During 1891 
[George Albert Smith] In 1891, he was called by the First Presidency to help organize MIA groups in southern Utah. (4)

-- Tuesday, Jan. 26, 1892 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           The business interests in this Territory are very much in debt. George and I went to the Republican meeting. (3)

-- Monday, April 4, 1892 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

        [general conference]

           My son George Albert is 22 years old today. Fifteen years ago today I married my wife Josephine. By letter from her received today she says she has never regreted the step she then took and neither have I, but still rejoice over it .

           10 a.m. Conference.

           The Church voted to establish a Church University. (3)

-- Wednesday, May 25, 1892 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Manti
Lucy Woodruff, granddaughter
of Wilford Woodruff married
George Albert Smith*
           We all went through the Temple, all but Lucy E. Woodruff getting endowments for the dead.

           I sealed Lucy Emily Woodruff to my son George Albert Smith. (3)

-- Wednesday, June 22, 1892 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I reached home at 12 midnight and found all well. I called at the office to see President Jos. F. Smith and he set my son George apart for his mission. (3)

-- Thursday, June 23, 1892 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           My son George Albert left for his mission to the Southern States this morning. I went to Ogden with him. (3)

-- Wednesday, Oct. 5, 1892 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           Aunt Lucy died at 12:07 a.m. today. I telegraphed her death to George, my brother Charles, my sister Mary, Lorin Farr, and Edward Lyman. (3)

-- Sunday, November 13, 1892 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

         ...   [Took Lucy Woodruff Smith, George Albert's wife, to Chatanooga, Tennessee, where they met George Albert, who was serving a mission there.] (3)

-- Thursday, Dec. 8, 1892 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I paid the Equitable Life Insurance Co. $504.00 for myself and $133.00 for my son George. (3)

-- During 1892 
One week after their wedding, Lucy and George Albert Smith were called on a mission to the Southern States. (2)

[George Albert Smith] George Albert attended Brigham Young Academy and the University of Deseret, was a sergeant in the Utah National Guard, worked for ZCMI as a salesman, and was a surveyor for the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. While working in the latter capacity, he suffered a permanent injury to his eyesight. He married Lucy Emily Woodruff in 1892; she bore him three children. (8)

-- During 1892-1894 
[George Albert Smith] He served a mission to the Southern States from 1892-1894 (age 22-24). He left for this mission just one week after his marriage. His wife Lucy was able to join him in the missionary service during the last year of this mission. (4)

-- Monday, Feb. 27, 1893 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I wrote to [wife] Josephine and sent Draft for $75.00, to George and sent Draft for $25.00. (3)
Missionary George Albert Smith
in Tennesee (1893)*

-- Tuesday, Apr 4, 1893 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City [general conference]

           23 years ago today my son George Albert was born. 16 years ago today my wife Josephine was sealed. I baptized and confirmed my son Joseph  Harmon a member of the Church. He was eight years old on December 17th, 1892.

           7 p.m. Priesthood meeting. Brigham Young, F. M. Lyman and I spoke. We all dwelt upon the Authority of the Presidency. (3)
Missionary George Albert
Smith and companion

-- Friday, May 12, 1893 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Chattanooga, Tennessee

           We reached here at 7:10 a.m. and found George [Albert Smith] and Lucy [Smith] well. (3)

-- Monday, July 3, 1893 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I got $50.00 from J. Jack. I sent ten dollars each to George and [wife] Josephine. I paid the butcher ten, the hired girl five, the blacksmith five, the Iceman four and divided among my boys $1.50 bought [not legible] with one. (3)

-- Wednesday, Aug. 9, 1893 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           Financial matters continue to look very blue. I made trust deeds to

            Grant Cannon & Co., G. A. Smith and J. G. Smith and will keep them in my own possession. I went to the Theatre in the evening. (3)

-- September 19, 1893 
half brother: Glenn born Sept. 19, 1893 (1)

-- Thursday, Feb. 22, 1894 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Colonia Juarez

           The day was spent in writing letters to all of my children and to my wives.... (3)

-- 1894 October 2 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Nominated a Republican delegate to the constitutional convention. (3)

-- 1894 November 7 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Elected a delegate to the constitutional convention of 1895. (3)

-- Tuesday, Dec. 25, 1894 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           Cold. All of my family are in good health. The day was spent at home.

           George, my son, and I visited a poor man at Lincoln house and gave him $2.50. (3)

-- Wednesday, March 6, 1895 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           Convention met at 10:30 a.m. Col. Squires nominated me for President; it was carried almost unanimously. Some friends gave me a nice gavel, presented by Col. E. W. Tatlock. I made a speach to the convention. (3)

-- 1895 March 6 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] After fighting challenges to election, takes seat in convention and is elected president.  Presides until its conclusion in May. (3)

-- Thursday, April 4, 1895 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           My son George is 25 years old today. I married Josephine 18 years ago today.

           The Convention is in session and have been considering Equal suffrage.10 (3)

-- Wednesday, June 12, 1895 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I was at the Temple today going through [as a proxy] for Samuel Shorey. My mother, H. M. L. Smith also went through. My Daughter Sarah Ann Smith got her Endowments today. Lorinda Ann Smith, daughter of S. S. Smith, Jr. was sealed to my brother Geo. A. Smith, I as proxy for  George and Aunt B. W. B. Smith for the girl. Miss Robey was also sealed to my father, Geo. A. Smith. The proxies were the same. Mother and I had four couples of our kindred sealed. (3)

-- Friday, Jul 12, 1895 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           The Young M[en's]. & L[adies']. M[utual]. I[mprovement]. association spent the day at Saltair and had a most agreeable time. The day was cloudy but did not rain much. My wife Sarah and George A. & wife, Don C. & wife, Esther E. Chase, Sarah A., Winslow F., Nathaniel L., Nancy C. Tirzah P. & Elsie L. went out and spent the day. (3)

-- November 5, 1895 
half sister: Arzella born Nov. 5, 1895 (1)

-- Friday, Nov. 22, 1895 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           My son George Albert had a daughter born on the 19th. Mother getting along nicely. I mailed [wife] Josephine $20.00 today. (3)

-- Tuesday, Dec. 10, 1895 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I spent part of the day at the president's office. I met with the Home Fire Directors. The evening was spent at my son George's. I endorsed the notes of the first Presidency for $100,000. There were four notes. (3)

-- Wednesday, Dec. 25, 1895 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Manassa

           My children had a nice Christmas. (3)

-- Jan 4 1896 
[George Albert Smith Journal] Statement

         "Pres Snow 1898 Prest

         "If done in C.M. [or W.] more danger [possible reference to Canada or Mexico?]

         "What is to prevent assumption of Sin."

         *** (9)

-- Tuesday, Oct. 27, 1896 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           My son is getting better.... (3)

-- Friday, Dec. 25, 1896 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           My family had a very good Christmas, George giving them all something. I did but little myself. (3)

-- Wednesday, Dec 28, 1896 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I took train for home. I found my wife Sarah at George['s]. She is doing very nicely. I spent most of the day with her. (3)

-- During 1896 
[George Albert Smith] Active in the LDS Church, [George Albert] Smith was an officer of the Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association for most of his life and served three proselyting missions. He supported William McKinley for president in 1896 and was named by him to be receiver of public moneys and special disbursing agent for the U.S. Land Office in Utah. (8)

-- Saturday, Jan. 23, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           My son Geo. A. Smith and I wrote letters today to many leading men in regard to the Post Office of this City.

           My wife is mending slowly. (3)

-- Friday, Feb. 12, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I wrote letters to Prest. Wm. McKinley and others. I also got letters from W. Woodruff, Geo. Q. Cannon, Jos. F. Smith, F. M. Lyman, R. L. Canpbell and others to Prest. Wm. McKinley in favor of [my son] George for Postmaster.... (3)

-- Thursday, Apr 8, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] ...  I had Philomela Callister sealed to me today by Prest. Joseph F. Smith. Mary Miranda Calllister Lyman proxy for her sister. (3)

-- Friday, April 16, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] ... My son Geo. A. is quite poorly. I am building fence at [wife] Josephine's. (3)

-- Tuesday, May 4, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I delivered to Arthur Brown some papers for my son George A. ... (3)

-- Wednesday, Aug. 25, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           John Smith, Joseph F. Smith, Silas S. Smith, Elias A. Smith, George Albert Smith, Winslow Farr Smith, Lucy Smith Acomb, Edith Smith, Elizabeth Smith Cartwright, Sarah Ann Smith, Donnetta Smith, Lucy E. W. Smith [wife], Hattie Smith Smith met at the Temple and attended to a number of sealings. We also attended to Adoptions linking the race together back to the Emigrant from England. It was a most happy day. I called upon H.J. Grant and Mrs. Emma Riggs also Sister Robbins who is 86 years old.

          ...  I called upon Mrs. Emma Robbins Riggs who is dangerously sick.  She desires to be sealed to me in case she dies. In the presence of her sister, Mrs. Annie Robbins Barrett, this understanding was had.

           The following members of the Smith family met at Joseph F. Smith's. Joseph F. Smith, Julina, Sarah E., Edna L., Mamie, Donnetta, Joseph Richards, Joseph T., Alvin, David Smith, Leonora Nelson and her husband, John Smith Patriarch, Silas Sanford & Sarah Anne Smith, Samuel H. R Smith and Wife Julia, Elias A., Edith, Amy, Martha and Sarah S. Smith, Bathsheba, Hannah M. & Susan E. Smith, Elizabeth Cartwright, Clarissa Williams, Maud Lloyd, John Henry, Sarah F., George A., Winslow F. & Nicholas G. Smith.

           We organized the Smith Historical and Genealogical Society, Joseph F. Smith, President. Elias A., John, Silas S. and John Henry Directors. Edith Ann was chosen Secretary and Recorder.

           Cake and Ice Cream were passed. Short speaches were made by several and a good time was had.

           Joseph Smith ordained Silas Sanford Smith a Patriarch. (3)

-- Wednesday, Sept. 29, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] ... My son George Albert is very sick. (3)

-- Friday, Oct. 1, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           It rained, hailed and blew today and some little sunshine mixed with it.

            I had supper at my son Ezra Chase's home. My son George Albert is very sick. (3)

-- Saturday, Oct. 2, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I paid $115.00 interest at Zion's Savings bank today.

           I drove some of my family out in the evening. George A. is still quite sick. (3)

-- Sunday, Oct. 3, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I spent the forenoon at home. George A. seems better this morning.... (3)

-- Monday, Oct. 4, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City [general conference]

           ...  My son George A. seems to be doing nicely. (3)

-- Tuesday, Oct. 5, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           There is no particular change in George.

           The General Authorities of the Church were sustained. M. F. Cowley and Abraham Owen Woodruff were put in the Council of Apostles.... (3)

-- Thursday, Oct. 7, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           President Wilford Woodruffs talk yesterday in Conference has created a sensation in this City.

           My son George is very poorly.... (3)

-- Wednesday, Dec. 1, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           It stormed all day. I went and borrowed from my son George $586.46 to pay taxes with most of it for [wife] Josephine.... (3)

-- Tuesday, Dec. 14, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I telegraphed to U.S. Senator Francis E. Warren at Washington, D.C. I told him George A. Smith had been endorsed by Senator Brown and state committee [for postmaster of Salt Lake City]. (3)

-- Wednesday, Dec. 15, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] ...  My son Geo. A. Smith received an endorsement from Arthur Brown and the state Committee. I went to Ogden and telegraphed Arthur Brown's endorsement to the Post Master General. I spent the night at Esther Farr's. (3)

-- Saturday, Dec. 25, 1897 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I spent the day with my family. I ate dinner at Sarah's. I received the folowing from President Lorenzo Snow.

             Dec. 25, 1897

             Apostle John Henry Smith

           Dear Brother.

           Will it be possible for you to meet with myself and others on matters of Importance Sunday noon. At No. 37 Canyon Road. Respectfully.

             Lorenzo Snow

           I answered I would do so with pleasure.

            My son Geo. A. had a nice Christmas tree with Santa Claus who distributed a lot of presents to the children of the neighborhood. (3)

-- Sunday, Dec 26, 1897 
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

           Lorenzo Snow, Heber J. Grant and I called at Brigham Young's home. We had a long talk over the financial condition of the Church. We also determined to insist that under existing conditions that the Councilors of the President must consult the apostles on leading questions. (3)

-- January 1898 
[George Albert Smith] In January of 1898 he was appointed the Receiver of the Land Office of Utah (age 27). He served in this position for 6 years. (4)

-- January 3, 1898 
half sister: Josephine born Jan. 3, 1898 (1)

-- Mar 1, 1898 
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] March 1, 1898 This is the Birth Day of myself & wife Emma. I have lived 91 yeres today and My wife Emma 60 Years. ... Phebe Carter Woodruff My first wife bore me Nine Children 4 sons & 5 daughters. 3 sons died in Early Childhood. Wilford [father-in-law to George Albert Smith] is Still living 50 years of Age. Spent one Mission in England of some two years. He is now laboring in Salt Lake Temple. He Came to this valley with his Father and Mother in 1850. Phebe Lost 2 Daughters in Childhood & 3 grew to womanhood & Motherhood. ... (5)

-- Sunday, Aug. 14, 1898 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           By telegram from John D. Owens sent from Cedar City, Iron Co. to my son George A. He said Winslow F., my son, had met with an accident but not serious and requested someone to meet him at Juab and bring three pillows. Also send a man to take Winslow's place.

           Later we got word that Winslow had fallen from a Wind Mill and broken both Wrists. (3)

-- During 1898 
(George Albert Smith) An enthusiastic supporter of William McKinley, Smith was appointed receiver in the U.S. Land Office when McKinley was elected president. (2)

-- Monday, Feb. 27 (1899) 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           It stormed today. My son George A. and I talked over his building a house and determined it should be done.

           My grandfather John Smith was ordained a high Priest by Sidney Rigdon at Kirtland, Ohio June 6th, 1833 and a Patriarch by the Prophet Joseph Smith at Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Ill. January 10th 1844. (3)

-- Friday, Mar 31 (1899) 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City and Ogden

           Myself and Wives and Sons, Geo. A., Winslow F. and Nathaniel L. and Lucy, Emily, my son Geo. Wife, and Mary Hansen went to Ogden and had a grand visit with Lorin Farr [grandfather] and about seventy of his children and grand children and a few friends. We had a nice supper. (3)

-- April 22 (1899) 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Tooele City, Tooele County

           A blessing given by Israel Bennion, Patriarch, upon the head of John Henry Smith, son of Geo. [A.] Smith and Sarah Ann Libbey, born at Carbunca, now Council Bluffs, Pottawattomie Co., Iowa.

           Brother John Henry Smith, by the Authority of the Holy Priesthood I now pronounce upon thy head a Patriarchal blessing. Thou art of the house of Joseph through Ephraim, an heir to the blessings of the fathers. Thou art blest in thy Ancestry, being of the favored lineage. The faith of the Gospel is thy birthright. Thou shalt never be turned from it. Thou shalt understand clearly all things pertaining thereto and thy spirit shall agree to the Counsels of the Servants of the Lord readily and easily, for it is natural for thee to comprehend and understand the Word of the Lord. Thou shalt be steadfast and firm in Counsel, yet humble, giving glory to the Lord. Thy face shall be set against iniquity, and in the purity of Thine heart thou shalt indeed be a Watchman upon the Towers of Zion, and shalt Live long and shall enter into the rest of the Lord.

           Thy name shall be honored among the Saints and handed down in remembrance to future generations. Thy posterity shall be numerous and faithfull. Thou shalt take part in great and glorious events connected with the establishment of Zion. The spirit of prophesy shall be upon thee and the visions of eternity open to thy sight. Thou shalt have the gift of the holy spirit to guide thee, directing thy labors, both spiritually and temporally, and thou shalt see the Riches of the Earth uncovered for thy good and the good of the faithfull Saints and the good of Zion to thy heart's content. I seal these blessings on thee and seal thee up to eternal life, to come fourth in the morning of the first resurrection, crowned with glory among thy Kindred and friends. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. (3)

-- Thursday, June 15 (1899) 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           The President, Lorenzo Snow, gave my son George A. and wife Lucy E. W. their second Endowments today. I laid hands on with him. (3)

-- 1900 January 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Goes to Washington, D.C., to oppose an anti-polygamy amendment to the U.S.  Constitution. (3)

-- Thursday, Feb. 1, 1900 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Washington, D.C.

           It is bitter cold for this City.

           Bro. H. B. Clawson and I called at the Raleigh Hotel but failed to find Mr. Salisbury.

           I wrote letters to Prest. Lorenzo Snow and my son George. ... (3)

-- Wednesday, Feb. 14, 1900 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Washington, D.C.

           Bp. H. B. Clawson and me in company with Senator Geo. L. Shoup Called upon President Win. McKinley. He received us nicely and said we should not be hurt. We had a good handshake and he seemed very happy. I told him I would do all I could for him but that he must not overestimate my strength.

           I called upon Commissioner H. C. Evans and Commissioner Berger Hermann of the land office. Both wished to be Kindly remembered to my son Geo. A. Smith. ... (3)

-- Wednesday, Feb. 21, 1900 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] ...    My son George A. has met with a serious accident to one of his eyes. (3)

-- Thursday, Aug. 30, 1900 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           My son George A. and I went up City Creek Canyon to its head, and crossed the mountain into Hardscrable to look at a peace of land to  make a summer home on. We returned in the evening. I attended the Republican primary. (3)

-- Thursday, Apr 4, 1901 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I had my wife Josephine sealed to me 24 years ago today. My son George A. was born 31 years ago today.... (3)

-- Wednesday, Aug. 21, 1901 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] ... I blest my sons George A. and Nicholas G. who are going on a pleasure trip of three or four weeks going Chicago, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Pa., New York City, Albany and Buffalo, N.Y., Omaha, Na. and other points of interest. (3)

-- Monday, Nov. 18, 1901 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           My son George A. had an opperation on his forehead today by Dr. Joseph S. Richards. (3)

-- Sunday, March 16, 1902 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Baltimore, Maryland

           It rained most of the day. I attended the Presbyterian Church in the morning and heard a nice sermon on Charity. I wrote to my children. I attended the services in the Catholic Cathedral. Father O'Gavin gave a fine sermon on the reason why the Catholics adored the Images of dead Saints. (3)

-- Tuesday, April 22, 1902 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           My son George A. had a surgical operation performed on him at the Holy Cross Hospital today by Dr. J. S. Richards. An anneurism was removed from his head. (3)

-- Wednesday, April 23, 1902 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           George A. is doing nicely. My son Joseph H. is in trouble at his school. He has stoped going.... (3)

-- Thursday, July 3, 1902 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] ...   At 9:45 a.m. son Nicholas G. and William T. Nuttall [left] for their missions. L. J. Nuttall, my sons Joseph and George A. and I went to Ogden with them. At 2:10 p.m. they left Ogden for the East in a Pullman Palace Car. (3)

-- 1902 September 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Visits Nauvoo, Illinois, and other early church sites. (3)

-- Saturday, Sept. 6, 1902 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Nauvoo

           I saw the homes of Brigham and Jos. Young, John Taylor, Heber C. Kimball, Wilford Woodruff, Parley P. Pratt, Edward Hunter, Lorin Farr. The old Farm of Daniel H. Wells, the Masonic and Seventies Halls, The Temple block and many other places.

           My Father's home was at the Corner of Parley and Durfey streets and was Lot 4 Block 123. Part of the old wall is in the present Rock house built by a Mr. Gates. My grand Father John Smith Patriarch lived here with his son George A. Smith.

           It is said that a man by the name of Hauck killed Joseph the Prophet. It is also said he fled the country and has never been heard from.

           Joseph and Hyrum Smith are presumed to be buried by the grove of Emma Hale Smith just north and about three rods south west of the old Smith Home just over looking the River to the south.

           Emma Hale Smith objected to Polygamy in her first husband but she lived with Major Bidamon while he raised a family outside of Wedlock.

            Some of the old furniture owned by the Prophet is still in the house known as the New Mansion. I wrote a few lines on an old table said to have been one used by the Prophet. I have felt I have been standing on holy ground today.

           Mr. Chas. E. Bidamon showed us a medal said to have been carved by Joseph Smith with this inscription on It Confirms O Dius [Deus] Potentessemus [Joseph Smith's Jupiter Talisman]. (3)

-- Wednesday, Dec. 31, 1902 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           This has been a fairly prosperous year for me. Myself and family have paid Tithing on over five thousand dollars... (3)

-- Tuesday, Jan., 27, 1903 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City and Provo

           I went down to Provo today and attended the funeral of Mrs. Richard Briarton. The audience was largely apostate Mormons. I had good liberty in speaking as did the other brethren. I returned to Salt Lake City and in company with my son George A. took the remains of my brother Charles W. Smith to Provo and to his home there. (3)

-- Thursday, April 9, 1903 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Ogden

           I went to Ogden and had a nice time with the Farr family, 260 of whom me[t] together in the Ward meeting house and amusement Hall. Speaking, Singing, reciting, dancing and eating was the order of the day and evening. Aaron Farr is 85 years old. Lorin [grandfather] is 83 years old and Winslow is 66 years old. My sons George and Nathaniel and daughter Priscilla and wife Sarah F. were present. (3)

-- Wednesday, April 15, 1903 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] ... To night I blest my son George and his wife who are going on a trip to Europe. (3)

-- Thursday, June 8, 1903 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           At l0 a.m. all of the First Presidency, Francis M. Lyman, Myself, Rudger Clawson, Reed Smoot, George Albert Smith, Charles W. Penrose, John Smith Patriarch and George F. Gibbs met in Council in the Room of the Presidency at the Temple.

           Reports were made and Routine business was gone through with. It was decided to allow the people of St. John and Snowflake stakes to move away if they wished to as so much damage had come to them in recent floods in the Little Colorado River. (3)

-- Wednesday, July 15, 1903 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City

           I have paid to the family of my Bro. Charles W. this Month $20.00 and George has paid her $5.00. He has paid to help Winslow and Nicholas $10.00 and I have sent them $125 this month. (3)

-- Wednesday, Sept. 30, 1903 
[Diary of John Henry Smith] Sunday, Oct. 4, 1903 - Salt Lake City [general conference]

           President Jos. F. Smith said to me tonight that the mind of the spirit was that my son George Albert should fill the vacancy in the Apostles. I told him was it a political office I would advise against it but I could not stand in the way of the suggestions of the spirit to him. (3)

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