Thursday, April 26, 2012

Joseph Smith Papers: Histories, Vol. 1 (1832-1844)

Joseph Smith Papers: Histories, Vol. 1 (1832-1844)
The Joseph Smith Papers Project has released Histories, Volume 1: Joseph Smith Histories, 1832-1844, the first volume in its Histories series. This volume contains compelling narratives of Joseph Smith's life and of early Latter-day Saint history - including several accounts of the First Vision and of the visits of the angel Moroni.

Presented in this first volume of the Histories series are the six histories that Joseph Smith personally wrote, dictated, or supervised. The volume also contains several dozen photographs, maps, charts, and other illustrations that help bring the historical narratives to life.

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Karen Davidson describes Joseph Smith's essay about the Latter-day Saints.
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Richard Jensen recounts Joseph Smith's forgiveness of Harvey Whitlock.
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Volume Editors Interviews

Doug Wright interviews three of the four volume editors of the new
 Histories Volume 1: Karen Lynn Davidson, Mark Ashurst-McGee, and Richard L. Jensen. Listen to the full interviews here. 
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