Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Mormon fundamentalist family in the spotlight


Television shows such as "Big Love" and "Sister Wives," have recently brought attention to polygamy in the U.S. Now, one Salt Lake City family is telling their story in hope of dispelling misconceptions about their beliefs.

Between Joe and his three wives, Alina, Vicki and Val -- two of whom are identical twins -- the Dargers have a total of 24 children. While they acknowledge their lifestyle is illegal in the United States, the four say they're willing to risk jail time in order to share their story with the world.

Since first publishing their book, "Love Times Three," the family has made numerous television appearances such as the above video from ABC's "20/20" and a recent appearance on "Good Morning America."
So far, the family says they've received mostly positive feedback.

"We've had a lot of people from all over the country reach out and identify with us and just say this is a different side of polygamy that I didn't know existed," Alina Darger told Utah's ABC 4 News.

The Darger wives acknowledge that sharing a husband isn't always easy, but they maintain that all three women have individual relationships and their own intimate moments with Joe.

For more on the Darger's story read the full article on ABC's website.