Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Student Review -- ressurrected

Excerpts of "Introduction to the Student Review" by Tamarra Kemsley, Craig Mangum & Hunter Schwarz, Student Review

The Student Review is a publication with a history. We thank and honor those Student Review-ers who originally founded the publication and set the precedent for what we are currently trying to do.
The Student Review is an independent, student-produced publication that seeks to be an open forum in facilitating student thought and discussion within the BYU campus community.
As articulated in Hunter Schwarz's article, the Daily Universe's status as a "lab" paper means its staff is limited to those majoring in communications. We do not criticize the Daily Universe for this policy. We understand that they have the obligation to train their students with the skills they will need to enter the workforce. However, the unfortunate consequence of this "lab" paper status is that the published "voice" of our BYU campus is drastically limited.
We sincerely hope that the Student Review will become a place where any student can write about what motivates him or her from a position of authority, an authority that comes from being an active participant in the campus community.

We love BYU! And we love it mainly because it gives us so much to laugh and joke about. Just think of our common BYU culture! The words we use, the way we dress, the references only we know. To avoid poking fun at these things simply isn't healthy.
We at the Student Review believe that a true education can only occur through the interaction of different ideas and viewpoints, an interaction we have hoped to facilitate in the pages you are currently holding. We hope it will spur you to new thoughts, increased conversation both at home and in the classroom
Photo credit Francisco Kjolseth for the Salt Lake Tribune.
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