Friday, August 26, 2011

Film: "The Religions Test" exploring the socio-politics of Mormon presidential aspirations

I'm writing to spark conversation and garner support for our  upcoming and timely LDS documentary.

With a hit Broadway musical, reality shows and two presidential candidates [John Huntsman, Mitt Romney], it isn't surprising that Newsweek dubbed this the "Mormon Moment". But despite the  rise in attention, 1 in 5 Americans would still not support a Mormon President of the  United States.

The Religious Test  is a documentary film project that will examine why this  hesitation still exists, where does it come from and what does it say about American democracy?

The film will examine our historical narrative as Mormons and capture how our history of running from persecution may hinder our ability to unveil our beliefs to a suspicious nation. The piece aims to chart the current social forces at work, find common ground between the faith chasm, and ultimately propose a route out of this religious/political wilderness.

Though Mormonism is at the forefront, this film really answers the larger question - why is faith still such a concern in presidential races and can Romney, Huntsman, et al, move heaven and earth in time for 2012?

We've put together a small Kickstarter intro video that we hope you will share with your friends, your family and anyone else that is politically minded or interested in the future of democracy in America. Also be sure to support the project and help us reach the important voices in this discussion.

Those who wish to help can click on the following link and click on the button labeled "Back this Project" to choose from varying levels of support.


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Trevor Hill
Producer / Director
Genesis Media Works

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