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Ogden Sunstone Symposium Program, 2011

August 2011,
Weber State University
Shepherd Student Union Building
3848 Harrison Blvd., Ogden, Utah

Theme: Mormon Artifacts and Material Culture

More Info, Including Complete Program:

Wednesday, 3 August

W-1.  Title Teaching Gender Equality and Agape Love in Africa (And The United States) With Carrie Miles
W-2.  Title Taming and Unleashing The Bible: An Introduction to Academic Biblical Studies With Jared Anderson

W-3.  Title Losing Our Religion: Mormonism Vanishing Christology With Paul J. Toscano
W-4.  Title A Crisis of Faith and Attachment Injuries in An LDS Marriage With Adam Fisher
W-5.  Title Spiritual Awakening: Knowing God and Self Through Self-Inquiry and Meditation With Philip G. Mclemore
W-6.  Title Our Rich Meetinghouse Heritage: An Ogden Tour of LDS Architecture With Jonathan Kland
W-7.  Title Powerful Clinical Tools to A Rich, Joyful Intellectual and Spiritual Life After Traditional Mormonism With Rulon Eames
W-8.  Title Essential Oils: Expanding Awareness of Personal and Family Health Care

Smith-Pettit Lecture Lecture Material Christianity: Creating A Religious World of Things Speaker Dr. Colleen Mcdannell

Thursday, 4 August

113.  Paper Dual Paper Session: What LDS Hymns Really Say To, For, and About Us Paper 1 Degendering Hymns -- presenter Charlene Durham
Paper 2 Music and The Broken Word Sing- Along
101. Devotional Dare We Question Scripture?
111.  Paper Why Do Women Fight Against Their Own Interests?  -- presenter Georgia Platts
112.  Paper Circumscribing Meaning: Mediating Religious Experience -- presenter Dr. Barry Laga
114.  Paper What I Learned From Editing Gentry -- presenter Todd Compton
115.  Paper "Further Light and Knowledge" Ways of Knowing in Mormonism and The New Spirituality -- presenter Doe Daughtrey
121.  Panel Around The Table: Increasing Unity and Community Among Mormon Women
122.  Panel Success in The Borderlands
123.  Panel Mormonism, Desire, and Popular Romance: Constructions of Gender, Relationships, and Power
124.  Panel One of The Five Wise Virgins On A Date With The Prodigal Son
141.  Paper Games Mormons Play
142.  Paper Redefining Kinship: Ancestor Worship in Mormon Culture -- presenter Hillary Laga
143.  Paper The Hollow World of Cyrus Teed -- presenter Steven L. Richardson
144.  Paper to Give Or Not to Give?  -- presenter Lloyd S. Pendleton
145.  Paper Theologizing in The Presence of Burning Children: Mormon Theology and The Absurd -- presenter Jacob Baker
151.  Paper "I Am A Mormon" And "I Am A Scientologist" Recent Marketing Efforts in Mormonism and Scientology -- presenter Donald Westbrook
152.  Paper "Prophet" As Artifact and Material Culture -- presenter Steven L. Shields
153.  Paper Practicing Stewardship in A Consumer Culture -- presenter Rachel Mabey Whipple
154.  Paper Mormonism and The Prosperity Gospel -- presenter John Larsen
155.  Paper Disappearing -- presenter Simeon Ben Jeppsen
161.  Panel Mormons and Maternal Culture
162.  Panel Embodying Gender: How Mormon Material Culture Reflects and Shapes Gender Perceptions
163.  Panel Do They Still Teach That?
164.  Panel Long-Haired Preachers Come Out Every Night: Mormonism' Role in The Joe Hill Case
165.  Panel Millennial Mentality and Religious Relevance
171.  Panel Parody Never Faileth: The Role of Humor, Satire, and Kitsch in Mormon Culture

Friday, 5 August

201. Devotional Trusting Smallness in An Inifinity squared Universe -- presenter Frances Lee Menlove
211.  Panel Our Mother's Keeper
212.  Paper Exquisite Manifestation: Displaying A Hybrid Spirituality -- presenter Doe Daughtrey
213.  Paper Community of Christâ Journey in The National Council of Churches -- presenter Dale E. Luffman
214.  Paper The Contested Meaning of Democracy in Early Mormonism and Methodism -- presenter Christopher Smith
215.  Paper Mark Hofmann: 25 Years Later -- presenter Steven L. Mayfield
221.  Panel Why We Stay
232. Lunchtime Clips From Coverage of Mormonism and Politics Comedy From Comedy Central- The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Clips Assembled By Michael J. Stevens
241.  Paper Joseph and Emma Smith's Nauvoo Mansion House: History and Mystery -- presenter Lachlan Mackay
242.  Paper Either/Or: Parables of The Kingdom -- presenter Janice Allred
243.  Paper The Impact of Wonder On Religious and Intimate Life -- presenters Lisa Hansen
244.  Paper Pacifist Councilor in The First Presidency: J. Reuben Clark, 1933-1961 -- presenter D. Michael Quinn
245.  Paper Was The "Narrow Neck of Land" In Ecuador? Internal Clues and Non- Mormon Scientific Support For This Possibility -- presenter Dr. Larry R. Stucki
251.  Paper The Changing Message of Kirtland Temple Tours 1830-2011 -- presenter Barbara Walden
252.  Paper "We Are All Going to Have to Live It Someday" Is Polygamy Really A Higher Law?  -- presenter Carrie Miles, Phd,
253.  Paper Passive Aggression Among The Latter-Day Saints: Evidence From The Wasatch Front -- presenter Michael J. Stevens, Phd
254.  Paper Searching For Gene England -- presenter Clifton H. Jolley
255.  Paper The Face of God: The Filter of Mormon Iconography -- presenter Andy Fernuik
261.  Panel The Mormon Sex-Ed Project: Creating A Gospel-Based Resource For Healthy Sexuality
262.  Panel Craft, Creation, and Creed: Frivolity, Utility, and Spirituality
263.  Panel What's Love Got to Do With It?
264.  Panel Mormon Wikipedia Content
265.  Panel Mormon Epic: A Poetic Tribute to Joseph Smith and The Restoration
271. Reception The Community of Christ Is Hosting A Reception For Sunstone Attendees.
281.  Pillars of My Faith
Speaker Ardis E. Parshall
Speaker Camilla M. Smith

Saturday, 6 August

301. Devotional The Crisis of Mormon Intellectuals: How to Believe When You Don't Think You Can
311.  Panel Remembering Gene: A Silent Decade Moderator Robert A. Rees
312.  Paper Flunking Sainthood -- presenter Jana Riess
313.  Paper Controversies in Joseph Smith's Polygamy: Comparing The Opinions of The Experts -- presenter Brian C. Hales
314.  Paper Exploring The Book of Mormon in America's Heartland: A Visual Journey of Discovery -- presenter Rod L. Meldrum
315.  Paper Insights Toward Understanding Homosexuality: A Father's Journey -- presenter Stephen Cohen
316.  Paper From The Absolute to The Individual: Person and Pre-Mortal Existence in Nineteenth-Century Mormonism and Romanticism -- presenter James M. Mclachlan
321.  Panel Made-Up Missionaries, Fake Faith, and Concocted Conversions: The Alchemy of The Book of Mormon Musical
322.  Panel A Psychobiography of Joseph Smith: Two Secular Views United
323.  Panel Mormon Quest For The Presidency: From Joseph Smith to Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman
324.  Panel Habits of Being: Mormon Women and Inherited Material Culture
326.  Panel Dual Paper Session: Mormons and Masonry
Paper 1 The Mormon Endowment and The Christianization of Freemasonry -- presenter Michael G. Reed
Paper 2 Freemasonry and The 'Rod of Nature' Revelation -- presenter Clair Barrus
325.  Panel The Forbidden Fruit Is Meat: An Interpretation of The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil
341.  Paper From Diversity to Unity: The Transition of LDS Meetinghouses From Beautiful to Functional -- presenter Jonathan Kland
342.  Paper Why Mormonism Can Abide Gay Marriage -- presenter Brad Carmack
343.  Paper Pursuing Truth Through Fiction: The Assassination of Governor Boggs, A Historical Novel By Rod Miller
344.  Paper Sibbrich's Tale -- presenter Karen Marguerite Moloney
345. Discussion Sunstone Town Hall Meeting
351.  Paper Jon Mcnaughton, Mormon Artist/Right-Wing Propagandist -- presenter Robert A. Rees
352.  Paper Basketball Under The Steeple: The Strange Design of Mormon Chapels
353.  Paper The Significance of Martin Luther King For The Saints Today
354.  Paper Solitary Faith -- presenter Tiffany Mull
355.  Paper The Early Israelite/Christian Doctrine Regarding The Primordial Incarnation of Yahweh and Satan
361.  Paper Very Careless in His Utterances: Editing, Correcting, and Censoring Conference Addresses -- presenter Joe Geisner
362.  Panel Material Improvement: Explicit Statements On The Matter of Heavenly Mother
363.  Panel Preview of Coming Volumes in The Series The Persistence of Polygamy: Joseph Smith and The Origins of Mormon Polygamy
364.  Panel Homemaking Radicalism and Homemaking Realities
365.  Panel Empathy First Initiative
371.  Banquet Panel Discussion Treasures of Heaven On Earth: The Impact of Mormonism's Missing, Repudiated, Rebuilt, and Museum-Sequestered Artifacts

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