Thursday, December 23, 2010

LDS History -- Dreams

 LDS-Church-History just completed its second topical analysis.  Actually, the first was  a general history of the church.  The second was on the history of tithing

The next topic will cover Dreams.

Dreams were an important component of early Latter Day Saint spirituality.
The Book of Mormon equates dreams with visions, and many in the church attached a high level of importance to their dreams. 

Joseph Smith Sr. had a series of dreams that were very meaningful to him and Lucy Mac Smith.  Joseph Smith Jr. had dreams throughout his life starting before his prophetic role.  Some evidence that will be presented here suggests his visions of Moroni may have been through dreams.

Joseph Smith, William Clayton, John Henry Smith, Anthon H. Lund, Franklin D. Richards, Anthony W. Ivins, Rudger Clawson and Wilford Woodruff recorded dreams in their personal journals, and will be presented here.  Wilford Woodruff in particular recorded numerous dreams (over 150) many of them with recurring themes.

Additionally dreams from various apostles and prophets including Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball  George A. Smith, John Taylor, Orson Hyde, Joseph F. Smith, Daniel H. Wells, Merriner W. Merrill, and Spencer W. Kimball will be presented.

A bishop in Spanish Fork had a series of dreams resulting in what is known today as the Dream Mine.  Events surrounding the fascinating story of the Dream Mine will be included.

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