Monday, November 08, 2010

Wilford Woodruff's 1858 reflections

... The successful laying of the submarene Atlantic Telegraph by which communication has been made between two Continents by means of anelectrict wire on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean is the moststeupendious work ever achieved by man. ...

The whole Earth is becoming Corrupt before God ... the Lord is
begining to visit them with war & bloodshed & with pestilence tempest thunder lightning & great hail, whirlwinds & devouring fire.

This is plainly manifest in our own Nation even the United States
which is Corrupt above all other Nations. ...

The United States Govorment sent fourteen thousand men ... to put to death Brigham Young Heber C. Kimball Daniel H. Wells The Twelve Apostle & other leaders of the Church. They travelled One thousand Miles & expended some thirty Millions of Dollars to accomplish this evil design even to shed the Blood of the Lords anointed. But the Lord Hedged up their way. They had to spend the winter in the snows of the everlasting rocky mountains and live upon the flesh of their animals
and when they did enter our valies and Cities it was by the permission of the prophets & Saints of God for whom they had Come One thousand miles to Slay. And instead of haveing the privilege of sheding the Blood of the Prophets in Utah but vary few of them have been permitted to behold their faces.

President Buchannan also sent Judges & officers to this territory who are filled with wickedness, madness and abominations of evry kind. They have also laid secret plans to destroy the prophets & bring distress upon the people by their decrees from the Judgment seat. But the saints have Called upon the Lord in mighty prayer & the Lord has heard & answered them & he has taken away the wisdom of the Judges and their power and their folley is manifest in the eyes of the people and the power of God is manifest in all these things and he has preserved his Prophets Church & Kingdom, against all the wrath of the Presidet, Congress, their armies, Judges and all the Devils who enter into the tabernacles of men to fight against God & his Saints.

The fullness of the Gentiles is fast Coming in and the Lord is fast preparing the way for the salvation of the House of Israel. He is withdrawing his spirit from the inhabitants of the Earth and at the
same time inspiring his Prophets with wisdom Knowledge & understanding that they have been enabled through the Mercy of God to thwart all the evil designs of the wicked and ungodly who have laid snares for the fear of the Righteous. The signs of the Times Clearly indicate that the gentile Nations are ripened in iniquity and that God is about to sit in Judgment upon them Nations.

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