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Announcment - Mormonism: A Historical Encyclopedia

Excerpts of Reeve and Parshall, Mormonism: A Historical Encyclopedia: Announcement By: Ardis E. Parshall


W. Paul Reeve and Ardis E. Parshall, eds., Mormonism: A Historical Encyclopedia. Santa Barbara, California: ABC-Clio, 2010.

Announcing the publication of W. Paul Reeve and Ardis E. Parshall, eds., Mormonism: A Historical Encyclopedia. Santa Barbara, California: ABC-Clio, 2010. 426 p. ISBN: 978-1-59884-107-7.

ABC-Clio publishes reference books. Mormonism: A Historical Encyclopedia is the first volume (the only volume Paul and I will work on) in a new series on the histories of world religions. That's a bit of good news, I think, that they think we're interesting and significant and hot enough to want to start their series with us.

Because this is part of a series, and because the publisher has such a well-developed sense of what they want in a manuscript, this book is not entirely of our own design. That is, the publisher specified that it wanted so many biographies averaging such-and-such a length, and so many entries of this other length exploring the major issues of historical and contemporary Mormonism, and so on. Within that template, though, we were entirely free to choose the topics covered, and the voice, and the scholars who contributed.

And this book really is geared toward the general reader, not the scholar and not necessarily Mormons, although I think a lot of Mormons not deeply familiar with Church history could find helpful articles that organize and put into perspective the odd bits of history they have picked up over the years. The entries are meant to explain our history in an easy to understand format – the era essays pull things into chronological order; the issues essays explore interconnected ideas; the other entries, short and to the point, could define for readers with fuzzy memories who Smoot was and why his hearings were important, why there was a group called the Nauvoo Legion in Utah, and briefly who and what and when the Mormon Battalion was.

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Mormonism in Historical Context: An Introduction – James B. Allen

Foundation: 1820-1830 – James B. Allen
Development: 1831-1844 – Stephen C. Taysom
Exodus and Settlement: 1845-1869 – Ardis E. Parshall
Conflict: 1869-1890 – W. Paul Reeve
Transition: 1890-1941 – Thomas G. Alexander
Expansion: 1941-Present – Jessie L. Embry


Black Hawk War – W. Paul Reeve
Book of Mormon – Stanley J. Thayne and David J. Howlett
Colonization – W. Paul Reeve
Correlation – Blair Dee Hodges
Exodus from Nauvoo – W. Paul Reeve
First Vision – W. Paul Reeve
Handcart Migration – W. Paul Reeve
Haun's Mill Massacre – W. Paul Reeve
Immigration – Edward H. Jeter
Kirtland Pentecost – Jonathan A. Stapley
Manifesto – W. Paul Reeve
martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith – Debra J. Marsh
Missouri War – David W. Grua
Mormon Battalion – Bruce A. Crow
Mountain Meadows Massacre – Richard E. Turley Jr.
Nauvoo Legion – Ardis E. Parshall
Organization of the Church – W. Paul Reeve
Pioneering – Bruce A. Crow
Priesthood Revelation of 1978 – Jared Tamez
Reformation – Ardis E. Parshall
Relief Society – Amy Tanner Thiriot
Seagulls and Crickets – Edward H. Jeter
Smoot Hearings – Jonathan H. Moyer
Temple Work by Proxy – W. Paul Reeve
Temples – W. Paul Reeve
Ungathered – Christopher C. Jones
United States v. ReynoldsNathan B. Oman
Utah War – William P. MacKinnon
Word of Wisdom – W. Paul Reeve
Youth Programs – Brett D. Dowdle
Zion's Camp – Ardis E. Parshall


Arrington, Leonard James – Gary James Bergera
Bennion, Lowell L. – Mary Lythgoe Bradford
Benson, Ezra Taft – J.B. Haws
Brooks, Juanita – Levi S. Peterson
Cannon, George Q. – Gary James Bergera
Cannon, Martha Hughes – W. Paul Reeve
Clark, J. Reuben Jr. – Gary James Bergera
Grant, Heber J. – W. Paul Reeve
Hinckley, Gordon B. – Gary James Bergera
Hunter, Howard W. – W. Paul Reeve
Kimball, Spencer W. – Jacob W. Olmstead
Lee, Harold B. – J.B. Haws
Lyman, Amy Brown – David R. Hall
McConkie, Bruce R. – Ardis E. Parshall
McKay, David O. – Gregory A. Prince
Monson, Thomas S. – Gary James Bergera
Nibley, Hugh – Boyd Jay Petersen
Parmley, LaVern Watts – Ardis E. Parshall
Pratt, Orson and Parley P. – Matthew J. Grow
Rigdon, Sidney – Ardis E. Parshall
Roberts, B.H. – Gary James Bergera
Rogers, Aurelia Spencer – Ardis E. Parshall
Sessions, Patty Bartlett – Jonathan A. Stapley
Smith, Barbara Bradshaw – Gary James Bergera
Smith, Emma Hale – Janiece Lyn Johnson
Smith, George Albert – Gary James Bergera
Smith, Hyrum – Gary James Bergera
Smith, Joseph F. – Christopher C. Jones
Smith, Joseph Fielding – Matthew Bowman
Smith, Joseph Jr. – Jed Woodworth
Smith Family – Lavina Fielding Anderson
Snow, Eliza R. – Jennifer Reeder
Snow, Lorenzo – Alan L. Morrell
Spafford, Belle Smith – Michele A. Welch
Talmage, James E. – Matthew Bowman
Taylor, Elmina Shepherd – Gary James Bergera
Taylor, John – Ardis E. Parshall
Wells, Emmeline B. – Michele A. Welch
Witnesses to the Book of Mormon – Benjamin E. Park
Woodruff, Wilford – Thomas G. Alexande
Young, Brigham – John G. Turner


Church Organization and Government – Gary James Bergera
Divergent Churches – Jason Smith
Genealogy and Family History – Ardis E. Parshall
Local Worship – Bradley H. Kramer
Mormon Missiology – Jonathan A. Stapley
Mormon Scripture – Julie Marie Smith
Mormonism and Blacks – Margaret Blair Young and Darius Aidan Gray
Mormonism and Economics – Alan L. Morrell
Mormonism and Education – Jed Woodworth
Mormonism and Men – Jeffery O. Johnson and W. Paul Reeve
Mormonism and Native Americans – Sondra Jones
Mormonism and Other Faiths – J.B. Haws
Mormonism and Race – Armand L. Mauss
Mormonism and Science – Ardis E. Parshall
Mormonism and Secular Government – Nathan B. Oman
Mormonism and the Family – W. Paul Reeve
Mormonism and Violence – Robert H. Briggs
Mormonism and Women – Andrea G. Radke-Moss
Mormonism as a World Religion – David Clark Knowlton
Mormonism as Restoration – Samuel Brown
Mormonism's Contested Identity – J.B. Haws
Non-Mormon Views of Mormonism – Jan Shipps
Polygamy – Kathryn M. Daynes and Lowell C. "Ben" Bennion


Articles of Faith; Beehive; Brigham Young University; Church Publications; City of Zion; "Come, Come Ye Saints"; Deseret Alphabet; Emigration Agents; Extermination Order; Richard L. Evans; Family History Library; Gathering; Granite Mountain Records Vault; Thomas L. Kane – Matthew J. Grow; Mormon Money; Mormon Tabernacle Choir; "O, My Father"; Perpetual Emigrating Fund; Orrin Porter Rockwell; Sam Brannan and the Brooklyn; Silk Culture; Reed Smoot; State of Deseret; Temple Square; Whistling and Whittling Brigade; White Salamander Letter – Blair Dee Hodges; ZCMI. (Unless otherwise credited, sidebars written by Ardis E. Parshall.)


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