Monday, January 18, 2010

New Site: Science Meets Religion

Science Meets Religion

A website dedicated to the search for harmony between science and religion


The objective of this website is to collect high-quality, authoritative information on topics in the intersection of science and religion, and to present this information in a rigorous, well-documented manner. Topics range from the philosophy of science, Judeo-Christian theology, Biblical scholarship, creationism, intelligent design, modern physics and big bang cosmology. Detailed references are given in all cases.

Material on this site is provided for research and education purposes only. No advertisements are permitted, nor are any solicitations to support any organization -- scientific, academic or religious. Most of the material is representative of and targeted to a broad spectrum of Judeo-Christian thought. Indeed, the vast majority of these issues are common to a wide range of religious denominations. Where theologians or religious leaders are quoted, their affiliation is indicated when possible. A selection of information of interest to LDS readers is included in a separate section of the website: LDS pages.

Outline of Available Material

  • Blog. This blog features philosophical musings, interesting quotes and essays, all in the general realm of science and religion.
  • The Search for Harmony: A Summary Essay. This article summarizes the conclusions of the three Q&A sections below, and sketches some promising directions for finding an honest common ground between science and religion.
  • News. Links to some interesting recent news articles in the general area of science and religion are available here.
  • Q&A: Evolution, Creationism and Intelligent Design (15 articles). This section discusses evolution, creationism, intelligent design, geological ages, DNA, fossils, evolutionary novelty, irreducible complexity, speciation, probability, the origin of life, and related topics.
  • Q&A: Physics and Cosmology (7 articles). This section discusses modern physics, cosmology, the big bang, the multiverse, cosmic coincidences, the cosmological constant paradox, Fermi's paradox, and related topics.
  • Q&A: Theology and Philosophy (14 articles). This section discusses the "war" between science and religion, natural laws, biblical scholarship, secular scholarship, determinism, naturalism, postmodernism, advantages and disadvantages of scientific and creationist worldviews, and related topics.
  • Quotations. This links to a collection of interesting quotations on the topic of science and religion by respected writers in the field.
  • Resources: books, articles, Internet sites and bibliography. This site features some particularly well-written recent books, articles and Internet resources touching on the general area modern science, religion and philosophy. A comprehensive bibliography of all works cited in the three Q&A sections above is also included here.
  • LDS pages. This section of the website includes material of interest to LDS readers (the other material above is targeted to a more general Judeo-Christian audience).

Editorial Information

This site is compiled and edited by Dr. David H. Bailey of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, California: LBNL website | Personal website. The editor's published works include four books and 124 articles, ranging in topics from high-performance computing, computational mathematics, probability, simulations of evolution, as well as some articles in science and religion.

Disclaimer: Material on this site does not necessarily reflect views of the editor's employer, funding agencies, religious affiliation or any other organization. Also, inclusion of material (articles, quotations, excerpts) on this website does not necessarily indicate that the editor endorses that material. Where pages or articles have authors indicated, those authors are themselves responsible for the contents.

Acknowledgments: The editor wishes to acknowledge many useful comments and contributed material from numerous friends and colleagues, including the following: Duane Jeffery, Eugenie Scott, Steven Peck, Kenneth Miller and others.

Copyright: David H. Bailey (c) 2010

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