Saturday, February 14, 2009

Death Threats Follow Web Map of Donors

Death Threats Follow Web Map of Donors

Visitors to can see markers indicating a contributor's
name, approximate location, amount donated and, if the donor listed
it, employer. That is often enough information for interested parties
to find the rest -- like an e-mail or home address. The identity of
the site's creators, meanwhile, is unknown; they have maintained

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Chino Blanco said...

I followed the link and read the article.

If there was an actual death threat, I didn't see it mentioned.

Let's be honest here: If I were to receive a death threat from a political opponent, do you think I'd hesitate to report that?

Of course not.

What's up with all the innuendo? It stinks to high heaven.

Chino Blanco said...

By the way, Frank Schubert and Jeff Flint have penned their Prop 8 post-mortem. It's a fairly complete summary from the two Yes on 8 campaign co-managers.

They mention one thing that's interesting: " ... leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints had endorsed Prop 8 and joined the campaign executive committee."

It will be interesting to find out which leaders they're referring to here.