Tuesday, September 09, 2008

BYU Law Professor Edits Book Questioning Same Sex Marriage

What's The Harm : Does Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Really Harm Individuals, Families or Society?

Edited by Lynn D. Wardle
Lanham  MA : Univeristy  Press of America, 2008.  393 pages.

  • What's the harm" and why it matters / Lynn D. Wardle
  • Conjugal marriage fosters healthy human and societal development / A Dean Byrd
  • Alleged Harms of recognizing same-sex marriage / Mark Strasser
  • "Who's my Daddy?"  How the legalization of same-sex partnerships would further the rise of ambiguous fatherhood in America / Jason S. Carroll & David C. Dollahite
  • Unintended consequences:  the flaws in "It doesn't affect anyone but us" argument in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage / Marianne M. Jennings
  • What's the harm to women and children?  A prospective analysis / Lynne Marie Kohlm
  • Same-sex marriage and the rights of the child / Lynne Marie Kohlm
  • Principles of justice in procreative affiliations / Scott FitzGibbon
  • Dwelling among us / Martha Bailey
  • Meaning, morality, and sexual attraction:  questioning the reductive and deterministic assumptions of biologism and social constructionism / Edwin E. Gantt & Emily Reynolds
  • Sexual virtue, Sexual vice, and the requirements of the Good Society: lessions from ancient Rome / Charles J. Reid, Jr.
  • Morality of marriage and the transformative power of inclusion / Lynn D. Wardle
  • Case for treating same-sex marriage as a human right and the harm of denying human dignity / Vincent J. Samar.  
  • Equality or ideology?  Same-sex unions in Scandinavia / Allan Carlson
  • Sam -sex "marriage" as veribicide:  reaffirming hte linguistic and cultural heritage that once made "marriage" a vibrant word of substance and hope / Bryce Christensen
  • Erosion of marriage:  a pyrrhic victory? / Seana Sugrue
  • Unconservative consequences of conservative opposition to gay marriage / Dale Carpenter
  • Or for poorer?  How same-sex marriage threatens liberty / Roger Severino
  • Same-sex marriage and public school curricula:  reflections on preserving the rights of parents to direct the education of their children / Charles J. Russo.
  • Redefinition of marriage and the Rule of Law / William C. Duncan.

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