Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunstone / Fair reports

Curious about what happened at the Sunstone or FAIR conferences this year?  Emily Jensen at the Deseret News posted this summery of Blogs covering/discussing the conferences.  See here for the full article

One of the awesome things about the Bloggernacle is their coverage of Mormon conferences. In this case, you can read outlines, thoughtful-related posts and more about both the FAIR and Sunstone conferences, held this past weekend.

"2008 FAIR Conference Notes"
-- Check out the embedded links to a great summary of each of the presentations.

"FAIR Conference Live Blog August 7"
and "FAIR Conference Live Blog August 8" -- An awesome job of live blogging by Bryce. Check it out!

A Sunstone Open Thread
that talks about both the Sunstone and FAIR conferences. So scroll through the comments!

"Types of Spirituality -- Sunstone Workshop"
provides a fascinating rundown of how people approach spirituality differently.

" 'Mothers Who Know' Still Spurring Debate"
shows that this issue is still a hot topic for some.

Taking a spin on the Sunstone discussion of "Mormon Motherhood," this post, "Mormon Fatherhood: Choice or Destiny?" takes a fascinating look at a man's role as father and husband.

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