Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mormon Transhumanist Association to participate in Second Life Conference on the Future of Religion

Lincoln Cannon To Present in Second Life Conference on the Future of Religion

The Future of Religions/Religions of the Future is a two-day conference (4-5 June) examining how two of the 21st Century's driving forces, religion and technology, will continue to re-shape each other and, in the process, re-cast our understanding of "humanity" in the Third Millennium. Centered on, but not limited to, virtual worlds and social networking technologies, speakers and panelists will also examine changes precipitated by the biotechnology revolution, cognitive science, information technologies and robotics.

As part of the conference, Lincoln Cannon, president of the Mormon Transhumanist Association, will present on "Mormonism: A Religion of the Future" at 10:30AM Second Life time (Pacific Time) on Wednesday, 4 June. Here is an abstract for Lincoln's presentation:

"We should expect Mormonism to thrive amidst accelerating technological change in coming decades. Its relatively young and reproductive demographics, high cultural retention, emphasis on education, theological compatibility with science, moderate stances in bioethics, and persistent adoption of new technologies will be drivers. The views of Mormon Transhumanists may provide insight into the future of Mormonism."

The conference will be held in the central nexus of the Transhumanist island, Extropia:

For more information, see the announcement on the Extropia Core web site:

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