Thursday, November 30, 2006

Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios

Kieth Merrill on the formation of AAMPS


Is it possible that you can change the world of motion pictures?

Yes, you can! That is the heart of my unequivocal message. There are two facts of enormous importance that make it possible.

70% of the audience who go to movies say that Hollywood does not reflect their values. The audience is the most important part of the motion picture industry. For these reasons, on Friday November 17, 2006, I announced the creation of AUDIENCE ALLIANCE MOTION PICTURE STUDIOS.

AAMPS is a motion picture production company founded upon and supported by a broad ALLIANCE of people who love movies�the AUDIENCE�from the more than 140 million movie-goers who say Hollywood is out of touch with their values. It is an ALLIANCE of people like you who love going to movies but are sick and tired of getting unexpectedly ambushed by those one or two gratuitous scenes that ruin an otherwise good film. It is a grand ALLIANCE of families who want more of those wonderful �feel-good-again�� motion pictures with heart, humor and great stories that embrace virtues and values.

By joining hands and exercising our will, we can make Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios a major motion picture producer and a significant new source of motion pictures�outside the Hollywood system�that embrace the virtues and values increasingly missing in today�s entertainment.

Today is also the launch date of the Audience Alliance Academy of Motion Pictures. This is the membership organization that allows every moviegoer and member of the general audience to become directly involved in changing the way movies are made and in making an enormous difference in the world. Members of the Audience Alliance Academy actually help select the movies they want to see, the stories they want to hear and the values they embrace. What�s more, they participate in the process from beginning to end, to the extent that suits their personal interests.

Audience Alliance Academy combines the importance of a single ticket into the collective power of a vast alliance of people who love movies.

Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios is an international film enterprise that includes managers, designers, professional services and private investors. The motion pictures developed and created by AAMPS will be produced by a diverse corps of talented writers, producers, directors, actors and filmmakers ranging from �the good guys� in the mainstream heart of Hollywood to the best and the brightest of the rising young generation of talented filmmakers and performers.

I also announce today�having spent my entire professional life to date in the movie business�that I have made an exclusive and long-term commitment to serve as the Chief Creative Officer of Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios. But if you love movies as much as I do, then YOU are the most important part of my announcement today. The Audience Alliance Academy is now officially accepting members. I invite YOU to become a member and to do it now. If you hurry you will likely be given the status of �The Founder�s Circle� and that has significant additional benefits for the future.

Here�s the good news! For about the cost of a movie ticket a month you can exercise your economic and creative power to make a difference in the world of feature motion pictures.

AAMPS is a positive powerful force dedicated to using movies�the most marvelous medium ever imagined� for positive purposes. Complaining, boycotting, lamenting and �throwing the baby out with the bath water� by assailing Hollywood is NOT the way to win the battle in the war on culture and values. The ONLY answer is being proactive and positive and doing your part to create and support a powerful new source of feel-good-again movies. �

As a member of this Academy, YOU are an essential part of making that happen. The target is one million members. That is less than one half of one percent of our adult moviegoer audience, but that is enough to make AAMPS a major motion picture studio � a powerful influence that will change the motion picture business�and the world. Remarkably, since DEVELOPMENT is the most crucial aspect of getting good films made, AAMPS will be powerful and productive on the basis of its core membership from the beginning�and gain strength and capacity as the membership grows to full potential.

The virtues and values matrix of AAMPS transcends religious and political boundaries. These are the fundamental values of the human family. Movies from AAMPS are about �entertainment� not �messages� but that said, millions of people will be thrilled by the great stories unfolding on movie screens around the world and impacted by the virtues and values they embrace.

You love a grand challenge? This is it! Join us in this bold adventure. For about the cost of a movie ticket a month (around ten bucks) you can become a full-privilege member of the Audience Alliance Academy. You can tell us the movies you want made. You can enable them to be produced. You can send a message to Hollywood that you are disappointed� even outraged�by their persistent disregard for traditional values. There�s a lot more to it of course, but this is the key. You really can change the motion picture world for good.

I am pleased to announce that the first production from Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios is the movie adaptation of Jason Wright�s best selling book, "Christmas Jars." This book has changed lives. The movie is sure to do the same. World famous script consultant Linda Seger has said of the screenplay, �'Christmas Jars' is the next great Christmas Classic motion picture in the tradition of, "It�s A Wonderful Life," "Miracle on 34th Street," "A Christmas Carol," and "A Christmas Story.'� Read the book this Christmas. Watch the movie next Christmas. In the meantime go into the MEMBERS ONLY access and read the script, give us your feedback and then participate in the making of the movie.

AAMPS and the Audience Alliance Academy train is moving. We want you on board. We need you to help us with the other outstanding movies that must be made. Each of the films from AAMPS will be selected and developed in accordance with the members� interests, tastes and cater to the traditional values and virtues of the majority of the international movie-loving audience. Be part of that!

Of all the movies I�ve ever made and the significant projects I�ve done, Audience Alliance is the most important because it goes so far beyond the impact of a single film or the influence of a single moviemaker.

Join us in this bold motion picture adventure.

Please follow my ten simple steps below. Each is within your power. If you do, you will be playing your part in changing the world of motion pictures for good.

Recognize the degree to which Hollywood is out of touch with your values. There is a great gulf between you and the values of the Hollywood power club. �Hollywood� means different things to different people. There are a lot of fine folks who work in the industry. There are a limited number of good and a few terrific films. Despite these exceptions; however, the mainstream movie industry continues to push an agenda that denies God, demeans womanhood, offends decency, caters to the gay and lesbian lobby, and generally violates our divine nature. The gulf will never be bridged. To hope otherwise is wishful thinking.

Realize who has the real power in the motion picture industry. Through the power of your one ticket, it is YOU and not the movie moguls that really own the motion picture industry � though you probably don�t realize it. Hollywood ignores the audience. You � the audience � are the most important part of the industry. You hold all the power in your hands � a ticket to the theater in one hand � and a DVD to watch at home in the other. The best kept secret in the business is simply this: you OWN the business! Get ready to take control.

Read everything in this message. Then go to Register your name and email address so you can be first in line when we "open the doors" of the Audience Alliance Academy. We will send you an email and welcome you. You can ask us questions. We'll reply. When the Academy doors do open, you will be able to look at the breadth of topics and genres represented in the log lines of the 40 movie projects already in the Story Department. Drama. Comedy. Westerns. Modern and Period. Inspirational. You can suggest your own ideas.

Read the frequently asked questions section. Go exploring. Get educated about our mission and how you can be truly influential at the heart of the movie-making process. As a member you will receive free or at-cost copies of the movies that you help us select and produce, but there are many other benefits of membership in the Audience Alliance Academy.

Evaluate the declaration of standards, values and virtues for Audience Alliance Motion Pictures. Send us an email, and we will send you by return email our VIRTUES AND VALUES MATRIX. You will find a clear and irrevocable statement of our commitment. What we will do.and what we won't do. Does this statement match your values? How important would it be to you to know that Academy Award winning, Emmy Award winning, and other highly recognized and credentialed people will embrace and include these standards for every motion picture produced.both on the set and on the screen.

Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios is not affiliated with any political or religious ideology. Our virtues and values matrix is based upon the fundamental values basic to family, goodness and belief in God.however defined or understood. Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios will produce movies in all genres for general audiences around the world. (LDS readers please note: Audience Alliance is not aligned with and will not produce films in the so-called genre of "Mormon Cinema.")

Believe that the power of your one ticket can make all the difference. This enterprise has been formed and the creative team has been assembled to do the job. Believe that your $10 month when combined with others can really make a massive difference. The majority of your membership fees will go towards the making of the movies you want to see, and the balance will be used to enhance the value and power of your membership. Believe that the time has come to act. Register now!

Share the responsibility. There is an axiom that is perfect for this moment, �If not us--who? If not now-- when?� We all love to complain about Hollywood, their lack of values and the movies we wish they would make. AAMPS movies will be created by seasoned mainstream filmmakers and actors � as well as the best and the brightest of the rising talent, wherever they may be � who share our confidence that it is possible to make great movies without ambushing the audience with those inevitable scenes that can ruin an otherwise great film.

How often have we said, "A great film except for a couple of scenes�? AAMPS will achieve its goals and reach the full power and impact of its mission in direct accord with membership numbers and the rate of growth. The cost per member has been set as low as absolutely possible so no one is excluded, and everyone can help make this happen. But that means our strength and power must be in numbers. We need everyone. We need YOU! Don�t leave it to others. Inspire them to join with you but YOU are the key!

Help imagine the next great feel-good-again movie that everybody loves. Help imagine YOU as part of the movie-making process. Help imagine a motion picture studio that measures its movies by story and virtue. Help imagine the power of your one ticket. Help imagine the power of a million moviegoers just like you who want to make a difference. Help imagine the question, �If I owned a major motion picture studio, what movies would I make?� Help imagine you as a member of the Audience Alliance Academy.

Find out how you can actually OWN the studio. Can you OWN a movie studio? Yes, that�s the plan. Became a member today and plan to remain a member. When membership numbers reach critical mass we propose to offer shares in AAMPS and we propose that there be preferential timing in the offering of any proposed shares to existing, long-term members. Our intention is to turn the studio back over to you. (Please read the qualifying notice at the end of this document.)

Exercise your power. Make a decision to act. Make a difference. Some ask why AAMPS is so vital, and why it will work. The simple fact is that it is almost impossible for a producer (Hollywood mainstream or otherwise) to get a film with virtues and values through the greedy, grueling green-light gauntlet of Hollywood. AAMPS is already becoming a welcomed destination for producers, writers and directors who have great stories and great films that everyone will love and that do not ambush anyone with language, sexual content and violence. It has been startling to discover how many "outside" insiders there are in Hollywood. We are almost surprised but excited that mainstream Hollywood producers, tired of producing R-rated garbage, are already embracing AAMPS and asking to be put "at the top of the list" for consideration by members of the Audience Alliance Academy. You are the one who can empower that to happen. Stick with us. This announcement is a kind of preliminary "family and friends" launch of Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios and the Audience Alliance Academy.

Early in 2007 AAMPS will roll out to the world. There are significant benefits to being among the Founder�s Circle, so we hope you will join us and then be prepared to stick with us to the inevitable triumphs ahead.

Visit the Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios registration page. Register now so you can be among the first members. We will be opening the web portal very soon at You can change the world for $10 month.

The statement above about �owning the studio� is a statement of intent and at this early stage we cannot be bound to or guarantee to you any detailed future financial model. This means that legally nothing in this paragraph should be taken as a solicitation to invest in the company or a financial scheme. At this stage and until further notice we are a membership organization. Your member benefits do not include an interest in the revenue or assets of AAMPS or a return on your subscription fees. Member benefits are non-financial and are limited to ancillary benefits such as copies of DVDs, participation rights in the film making process and other non-financial benefits as listed on the website from time to time. Your participation rights will be limited to creative direction and will not allow you to vote on financial matters. Any future offer of shares or debentures will be done in strict accordance with the legal requirements of each State and Nation in which offers are made. This is not an offering memorandum or a financial product disclosure statement.)

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