Monday, August 22, 2011

Huntsman on Blacks and the Priesthood

John Huntsman Life Size Cardboard Stand up Sku 1167THIS WEEK Web Extra: Huntsman on a Mormon Controversy

TAPPER: Do you think it's fair for reporters or members of the public to ask candidates about their faith?

HUNTSMAN:  I think it's fair, but it doesn't matter what I think about it, reporters are going to ask regardless.

TAPPER: Well, OK.  Here I go then.

You're Mormon. Until you were 18, your church had racist rules. It would not allow anyone with African ancestry to become a priest and blacks were also banned from participating in certain Mormon ordinances, such as temple marriages. Then the leadership of the church, in 1978, announced something along the lines of that God had changed his mind or the rules had changed because of revelation. You seem to be a thinking man. What was it like to go through this as a -- as a young man, your church having racist rules and then all of a sudden, God says no more?

HUNTSMAN: I think it was wrong, plain and simple. I think it was wrong. I think it was something that divided people, divided friends and maybe even divided families. I believe they -- they saw the errors of their way and they made a policy change. And I think they're much better because of it.

TAPPER: Did it make you question at all your faith?

HUNTSMAN: Well, over the years, of course, you can't help but reflect on -- on certain policies. Any church, any religion is -- any religious tradition, I'm sure in their decades or centuries of history, would have some episodes that would cause you to look back and question it a little bit. But you put everything in perspective, or at least you try to.

-- Jake Tapper

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Timothy said...

Jon Huntsman must have read my article @

How To Interview Mitt Romney About Racism:

His answer as outlined above certainly contrasts with Mitt Romney's approach to answering this question.