Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mormon Stories: Carol Lynn Pearson

Five-part Podcast / Videocast Carol Lynn Pearson – Mormon Author, Poet, Playwright, Feminist, and Philosopher  by John Dehlin

Carol Lynn Pearson is one of the most beloved and successul Mormon authors, poets, and playwrights of all time.  A comprehensive listing of her creative works can be found here.  Her book "Goodbye, I Love You," about the death of her gay husband from AIDS, took the world by storm in 1986, landing her on Oprah, Phil Donahue, and many other T.V. programs.  Her musical "My Turn on Earth" is one of the most beloved and successful Mormon musicals of all time. Carol Lynn has spent virtually all of her years since "Goodbye, I Love You" as an advocate for both women and gays within Mormonism.  Her most recent Mormon-themed book, "No More Goodbyes", deals with enlightening and inspirational stories of gay Mormons (and those of other faiths) coping with issues of family, religion, church, and occasionally suicide.  Many of Carol Lynn's wonderful creative works can still be purchased here.  Please support her if you can.
In this 5 part interview (captured both in audio and in full High Definition video below), we discuss the following:
  • Part 1: My Early Years in the Church, and the Decision to Marry Gerald
  • Part 2: My Early Career, and Gerald's Final Coming Out
  • Part 3: Goodbye, I Love You: Loving Gerald Until the End
  • Part 4: No More Goodbyes: Supporting Gays in the LDS Church
  • Part 5: Celebrating the Divine Feminine, and Final Thoughts on Faith
Media can be accessed here.

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