Friday, August 27, 2010

John Whitmer Historical Association annual meeting, 2010

This year is the 150th anniversary of the meeting in Amboy, Illinois, where Joseph Smith III and his mother Emma affiliated with the "new organization" of Midwestern Latter Day Saints that ultimately became the Community of Christ. To mark the occasion, John Whitmer Historical Association (JWHA) is going to Amboy and nearby Rockford, Illinois, where our theme will be "Emma, Her Sons, Their Church, and the Latter Day Saints."

Papers and Panels:
  • Emma's Legacy: Life after Joseph: Linda King Newell
  • Community of Christ History for Beginners: What You May Have Missed in the Past 150 Years: John C. Hamer
  • The History of Zarahemla (Blanchardville): Church Headquarters, 1852-60: Daniel M. Kelty
  • The Other Briggs:  Edmund C. Briggs and the Defining of the Early Reorganization: Clare D. Vlahos
  • The Temple Lot: A Contest for Sacred Space: R. Jean Addams
  • The Elijah Message Tradition and the Return of John the Baptist: Paul D. Savage
  • The Big Fan: Joseph Smith and the Danites in Missouri: Todd Compton
  • How Brigham Young Failed to Reunite "Joseph's Church" with "Emma's Church.": George D. Smith
  • Correcting a Traditional Interpretation of D&C 76:7 Based on New Data from the Joseph Smith Papers Project: Blair B. Bryant
  • The Lost Book of Lehi: Reconstructing the Contents of the 116 Pages: Don Bradley
  • The Writings of Maria Braby: Frontier Poetry and Prose from the Early Days in Lamoni: Richard Braby
  • An LDS Outpost in the Mission Field: The Old Aurora Branch, 1932-65: Ginger Hamer
  • Differing Perspectives on Joseph Smith and Plural Marriage: Newell G. Bringhurst, Linda King Newell, Todd Compton, Brian C. Hales, Craig L. Foster
  • Women's Roles, Identities, and Experiences in the Community of Christ and Utah Mormonism: Mary Ellen Robertson and others TBA
  • Preliminary Thoughts on Putting the History of JWHA into Context: Biloine Whiting Young
  • From Davis to Edwards to Howard to Scherer: Official History in the Reorganization: William D. Russell
  • The Latter Day Saint Churches of William Smith, 1845-1860: Connell O'Donovan
  • William Smith's Organization at Palestine Grove, Illinois: Laying the Foundations for the Reorganized Church: Kyle R. Walker
  • The Adam-God Doctrine and Persistence of Polygamy: Robert D. Anderson
  • Sidney Rigdon as Prophet, Seer, and Revelator: An Introduction to the Revelation Books of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Children of Zion: Jay Alan Burton
  • The Missouri Mormon Experience: Thomas Spencer, Alexander L. Baugh, others TBA
  • Joseph Smith's Angelic Visitations and Descriptive Rhetoric: Christine Elyse Blythe
  • "Joseph [Smith] Being Dead Yet Speaketh": Apparitions of the Prophet-Martyr: Christopher James Blythe
  • Our Story of Faith and Life: A Family Saga of Many Generations in the Church: Richard Lancaster and James E. Lancaster Jr.
  • Beyond Nauvoo: Discovering the Reorganized Church Story Again for the First Time: Mark A. Scherer
  • Know Your Religions: A Comparative Look at Mormonism and the Community of Christ, by Richard G. Moore : William D. Russell, Steven L. Shields, & Richard G. Moore
  • The Wives of William Smith: Erin B. Jennings and Connell O'Donovan
  • Thomas Jefferson Sheppard (1856-1933), RLDS Seventy Missionary to Native Americans, Texans and Settlers in the Midwest and New Mexico: Carol Freeman Braby
  • The Journals of James Kelley: The Tragic Story of a Twentieth-Century Apostle Following in His Father's Footsteps: Barbara B. Walden
  • Mormon Attitudes toward the Cross:A Brighamite, Josephite, & Strangite Comparison: Michael G. Reed
  • Joseph Smith's Red Brick Store: Fragile Power on the Upper Mississippi River: Jill Brim
  • Mormons and the I&M Canal: A Visual History: Vickie Cleverly Speek
  • The 1869 Clash over Polygamy between RLDS Missionaries Alexander and David Hyrum Smith and their Cousin, Utah Apostle Joseph F. Smith: Brian C. Hales
  • Another Prophet in Utah: Joseph Smith III's 1876 Visit to Salt Lake City: Alexander L. Baugh
  • Staging the Temple: RLDS and LDS Dramas at Kirtland, Ohio, 1977-2008: David Howlett
  • The History of the ReLaDaSa Tour business through the 1940s-1990s: Kevin W. Bryant
  • Psychiatric Studies of Joseph Smith: William D. Morain and Robert D. Anderson
  • From Emma to the First Presidency: Women in Community of Christ History Jeanne Murphey

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