Sunday, September 27, 2009

"First Aid Kit" released in response to Elder Hafen's Evergreen talk

Media Release: September 27, 2009
Media Contact: Peter Danzig cell (801) 865-9029 home (801) 322-2972


Most Utah residents know about the Wasatch Fault, which has the
potential for producing  large earthquakes. The last major earthquake
there was about 300 years ago, and it changed the face of the valley,
rerouted rivers, and changed the contours of the land. Constant
pressure from internal and external forces build to the point where
the earth suddenly has to shift.

Pressure of another kind is building as Gay and Lesbian groups and
concerned LDS members react to the recent speech by Elder Bruce C.
Hafen of the First Council of Seventy.  (See the complete text of his
speech at
)  The speech, which was given at Evergreen International
on Saturday, September 19, 2009, reaffirmed the more conservative
views regarding homosexuality that many members had hoped were a thing
of the past—beliefs such as homosexuality not being inborn;  that
changing sexual orientation is a possibility to be hoped for and
worked toward;  that up to 80% of Lesbians were molested as children
and  that advocates of LGBTs are part of an aggressive political
movement, motivated by a desire to promote the gay lifestyle, rather
than to respond to legal and medical considerations.   He also
criticized the 1973 removal of homosexuality as a mental disorder by
the American Psychiatric Association.

To counter these assertions, the Foundation for Reconciliation at has compiled a list of medical and scientific links
that should set the record straight (no pun intended).   They refer to
this list as a "First Aid Kit" for those who have been injured by
these latest pronouncements from the LDS Church.  While Hafen quotes
such experts in the field of sexual orientation as Boyd K Packer ,
this list relies  on real experts in the fields of human sexuality.
To access the First Aid Kit, go to

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