Sunday, August 23, 2009

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Excerpts of "Welcome to the Newsroom Blog" by Lyman Kirkland

The Public Affairs Department is pleased to announce the launch of the Newsroom Blog. The purpose of this blog is to supplement the Newsroom Web site with additional stories from the Church that may not lend themselves to a news release, and to provide additional context and background on stories that appear in the news media.

You may notice a different, more conversational tone on this blog than you would see in official news releases on the Newsroom Web site. The information here will be reliable and accurate but should not necessarily be viewed as official statements from the Church. The purpose of this blog is to provide journalists, bloggers and the public with additional context and information regarding public issues and news stories involving the Church.

The article goes on to note that questions and comments to posts will generally not be posted.

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ernie1241 said...

Glenn Beck recommends the writings of former FBI Special Agent (and John Birch Society endorser) W. Cleon Skousen.


In fact, Glenn Beck wrote the "Foreward" to the 2009 edition of Skousen's best-selling book, The 5000 Year Leap

However, both Cleon Skousen (and his admirers) have misrepresented Skousen's FBI background and inflated his credentials.

Some, like the John Birch Society, claim that Skousen was a "top aide" to J. Edgar Hoover [See, for example, JBS Bulletin, January 1968, page 1] or an "administrative assistant" to Hoover.
Others claim that Skousen had extensive investigative experience while he served in the FBI -- particularly with respect to internal security-related matters.

But ALL of these claims are utter falsehoods.

Furthermore, senior FBI officials expressed very derogatory judgments about Skousen's post-FBI endeavors.

In fact, they scornfully described him as someone who allied himself with "professional anti-communists" who represented the "extreme right" in our country and FBI officials thought Skousen was mis-using his FBI service to falsely claim expertise in subject matters which he did not possess.

For a detailed 23-page report on Skousen which is based, primarily, upon his FBI personnel file, see: