Thursday, April 23, 2009

Deseret Book pulls "Twilight" from it's shelves

Deseret Book has pulled all of Mormon Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight" series it's  shelves.  The very popular series targeted the teen-age girl audience.  A hallmark of the book is the emphasis of celibacy outside of marriage.

Deseret book said:

"Our top priority is to meet the needs of our customers, who increasingly represent a variety of viewpoints. Like any retailer, our purpose is to offer products that are embraced and expected by our customers. When we find products that are met with mixed review, we typically move them to special order status."

Deseret Book has a history of restricting controversial books, including pulling books from it's shelves, or difficulties with some authors who publish through Deseret Book (for example the recent biography of Spencer W. Kimball).

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