Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CESNUR Conference comes to Salt Lake

For a great opportunity to attend a world class conference on new religious movements, consider the CESNUR conference this June in Salt Lake.

The 2009 International Conference Mainstreaming and Marginalization of Religious Movements

An International Conference organized by CESNUR and The J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah in association with ISAR, The Office of Mayor - Salt Lake City Corporation, and The Suitter Axland Foundation.

Salt Lake City, Utah, 10-14 June 2009

Between Mainstreaming and Marginalization: Mainstreaming and Marginalization of Religious Movements

Conference Details can be found here. Topics include:

  • Mainstreaming of Esotericism as the Wests Third Religion
  • Marginalizing Religion Through the Courts of Law: A Strange Case in Kazakhstan
  • Unity and Contention Over Zion: Latter Day Saints and the Independence, Missouri Temple Lot
  • That Sacred Spot: The Independence, Missouri Temple Lot and Its Meaning to Latter Day Saints
  • The Independence, Missouri Temple Lot: A Photographic History
  • The Church of Christ (Temple Lot) and the Quest to Build a Temple in
  • Zion
  • After the Avatars Mahasamadhi: The Passing of Adi Da Samraj and the Challenges of Securing His Legacy and Growing a New Spiritual Tradition
  • Shocking News, Wake-Up Calls and Spiritual Renewal
  • Adidam, Controversy, and Ex-Members
  • Transcendental Realism and Radical Narrative in Adi Da Samrajs The Orpheum
  • The Rebirth of Sacred Art: Reflections on the Aperspectival Geometric Art of Adi Da Samraj
  • Mainstreaming and Marginalization Through Literature
  • Oriana Fallaci, Mormonism and Anti-Mormonism
  • New/Old Mormon Family Values: Between Big Love and Twilight
  • Recent Issues: Utah, Arizona and Texas Polygamy and the Law
  • George Leslie Mackays Mission to Formosa: Indigenized Gospel, Cult of Native/Christian Womanhood, Ancestor Worship, and the Contextualizing of Presbyterianism in Taiwan
  • Mackay, Miscegenation, and Mormonism: Having the Courage or Lack Thereof to Cross the Color Line for Christ
  • Portrait of Heathen/Bible Womanhood: Minnie Mackay, Aboriginal Converts to Christianity, and Victorian Female Association
  • The Early Christian Encounter with Taiwanese Religious Culture
  • The Critical Line throughout the Scriptures: Life Annotated in Witness
  • Lees Recovery Version of the Bible
  • Religion, Sexuality and Marginalization
  • Islam and Incest: The Case of Incest in Turkish Society
  • Italian Gay and Lesbian Believers: Fissiparous Belonging or Clash of Values?
  • Marginalizing Heterosexual Monogamous Marriage The Cultural and Legal Assault on the Christian Ideal
  • Defending Mormonism
  • Some Specific Mormon Issues
  • Modernity, Postmodernity and Mormonism
  • Mormon Religiousness and the Enduring Significance of Gathered
  • Communities
  • Mitt Romneys Presidential Campaign: Confronting the Mormon Question
  • The Mormon Quest for the Presidency: Past Candidates and Future Perspectives
  • Built from Books: Literary Relationships to Contemporary Paganism
  • Human Well-Being and Misfortune in Contemporary Druidry
  • The Concept of Traditional Religion in Latvia Ideology, Politics and
  • Law
  • Utah, Arizona and Texas Polygamy: Historical Issues
  • Globalization, Mainstreaming and Marginalization
  • Religious Bricolage in Iran: A Case Study of Iran Reiki Class
  • Buddhism in Salt Lake City: A Doorway to the first American Buddhist Census
  • Ethics of Inter-Religious Dialogue
  • Religion Among Chinese Immigrants to Torino, Italy
  • Mainstreaming and Marginalization of Movements in/from the Middle East
  • The Nur Movement in Turkey and Internationally
  • Fethullah Gulen Movements Call for Moral Guidance in Contemporary Society
  • Accusations Against Baha'is Within the Context of Islamic Heresiography
  • Mainstreaming and/or Marginalization in Mormon History
  • Apples and Oranges: What Was Different About Mormon Violence in American West?
  • Bountiful and Controversial: The Saga of Canadian Polygamy
  • Building an Organization: Mormon Fundamentalists and the Creation of New Sects
  • State-Sanctioned Raids and Issues of Religious Freedom: The 1984 Island Pond Raid and the 2008 FLDS Raid
  • 14,30-17 / Field Trip: Salt Lakes Diverse Religious Heritage
  • New Religious Movements Between Mainstreaming and Marginalization I
  • True Children of True Parents: The Triumphs and Travails of the Children of Sun Myung Moon
  • The Scientology Critic Group Anonymous: A Research Paper
  • Impact of Ultra-Spiritual Theologies on Society: Both Threats and Benefits
  • The Common Good
  • Mainstreaming and Marginalization of Esotericism and Magic
  • Popular Metaphysics in the Shaping of American Identity: The (Process)
  • New Thought Movement as a Mainstream or Marginalized Phenomenon?
  • To Die as a Rosy Cross: A Panacea?
  • Aliens and Atheism: The 'Central Raelian' Argument for the Non-existence of God
  • New Religious Movements Between Mainstreaming and Marginalization II
  • Between the Will of God and That of Man: Exploring the Army of Marys
  • Transition from a Catholic Pious Organization to a New Religious Movement
  • From 'Cults' to Cultures: Bridges as a Case Study in a New Evangelical
  • Paradigm on New Religions
  • The Falun Gong Self-Immolation Video: Framing, De-Framing
  • Between Rhetoric and Sensationalism: Coverage of Falun Gong in Western Media
  • Issues of Religious Freedom Throughout the World
  • Fifteen Years and More: Religious Freedom Before the European Court of Human Rights
  • Legal Possibilities in Case of Violation of Personal Rights
  • Aumism and the European Court of Human Rights: A Case Study of Avoidance

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