Monday, January 12, 2009

LDS-Church-History Blog

A while back I announced the blog/group  Mormon-Church-History, which presents a detailed look at church history through a daily post of about a dozen chronological church history events.  It is based on a collection of over 70 chronologies regarding church history and is aimed at those who want to look at church history in-depth.

I've created an alternative blog/group called LDS-Church-History.  It  is based on a smaller set of chronologies (less than half the size), does not contain controversial material, and should be more readable, yet still offers a fairly detailed look at church history.  I will try to adjust posts to LDS-Church-History to roughly correspond with the Gospel Doctrine lessons on Church History/Doctrine & Covenants this year.  It will take about one year to traverse the history of the church based on about a dozen entries per day.

I wanted to create LDS-Church-History as an alternative for those who may not be interested in reading occasional controversial material, or who are not looking for such a detailed approach.  If this appeals to you (or others you know who have an interest in church history) I hope you'll sign up.

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