Thursday, January 08, 2009

Kenn Starr attacks CA Attorney General over Prop 8

Prop. 8 backers blast Calif. Attorney General    
Sponsors of California's voter-approved gay marriage ban accused Attorney General Jerry Brown on Monday of advancing a far-fetched legal theory to justify overturning it.  In papers submitted to the state Supreme Court, lawyers for the Protect Marriage coalition argued that Brown had "invented an entirely new theory" by asking the justices to trump the electorate, which approved Proposition 8 to amend the state Constitution to limit marriage to a man and a woman.

"We will not mince words. The attorney general is inviting this court to declare a constitutional revolution," reads the brief co-written by Kenneth Starr, dean of Pepperdine University's law school and former independent counsel who investigated President Bill Clinton.

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Chino Blanco said...

And now and NOM are attacking the campaign rules (i.e., they're asking a federal judge to do away with that pesky requirement that contributions be a matter of public record).





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